You know the importance of a great website.

You are aware of the pressing need to streamline some of your business processes.

You want to set up your online business in a professional and polished way.

Work With Me !

You don't have to do it alone!


Let’s make IT happen!

There was never a better time than there is right now.

What You Need

You need someone

who not only understands the struggle of small online businesses and the technology they need, but …

… who is also able

to implement and execute the work instead of just adding more and more to your to-do list.

New Tools

become available all the time, and you might be using software that isn’t really serving your business.

What I Can Do For You

I can …

I can reconfigure factual information or data in ways that reveal trends, raise issues, identify opportunities, or offer solutions.

I can make sense out of seemingly unrelated information.

Through my strong intuition and my experience, I can customarily pinpoint the core problems and identify the best solutions.

I help people gain a clearer understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.

I frequently identify ways to transform an obstacle into an opportunity.

I am the owner of inspirITing, a digital consultancy and coaching venture, that is helping gifted and brilliant entrepreneurs all over the world to do what they came here to do.

I am a former 9-to-5 person. I have worked in consultancy and software businesses for many years.

Today I do what I do best and love most:

Using my skills, my knowledge, my intuition to remove the barriers to success for online entrepreneurs like you, that all to often disguise themselves in tech problems.

work with me inspirITing katrin anger


Because a different perspective can make all the difference.


Taking out the stress of tech and saving you days on your own.


Gentle dive-ins in the tech-world.

How I Can Help You

Find Unique Automations for your Business

Streamline Business Processes

Integrate Web Tools

Setup / Re-Design your Website

Setup Business Analytics

Install WordPress Securely

Setup New Autoresponder Campaigns

Optimize your Website’s Performance

Secure your Website

Professional Expert Tech Support

Creative Tech Solutions

Ask Me !!!

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