If you are on the threshold of starting up your business, but are dizzy and overwhelmed by all the technological demands that come with it, then this article is for you.

I have met so many entrepreneurs that are insecure about how to embrace technology for their purposes. Does this apply to you, too?

This insecurity literally stops you from achieving your goals, because you have no idea how to start. You feel lost in a world that is speaking a completely different language. All this technical matters are completely foreign to you and you feel a lot of tension and hope for clarity to arrive. You feel completely intimidated by the endless list of acronyms that are thrown around.

“What I wanted was to be allowed to do the thing in the world that I did best – which I believed then and believe now is the greatest privilege there is. When I did that, success found me.”

Healing Tech-Phobia

First things first: you are not alone! Definitely, you are not! You are one among many, and you can be helped.

Secondly, understand that it is mainly a fear that holds you away from achieving your goals.



Technology is paradoxical: it is actually designed and intended to make our lives easier, however, people with tech-phobia find that it further complicates their lives. They find it hard to use and learn it.

As with technology, so it is with fear: it is also paradoxical. Fear never goes away by hiding from it or denying it. It seems to be tricky, but the moment you face it – it gets diminished. Looking at it from different perspectives makes it shrink.

Embracing Technology will empower you

Embracing technology is a lot about accepting your vulnerabilities. Yes, it probably will trigger your weak spots and make you feel insecure, nevertheless, that’s no good reason for not doing it.


“The perception that vulnerability is weakness is the most widely accepted myth about vulnerability and the most dangerous. When we spend our lives pushing away and protecting ourselves from feeling vulnerable or from being perceived as too emotional, we feel contempt when others are less capable or willing to mask feelings, suck it up and soldier on. We’ve come to the point where, rather than respecting and appreciating the courage and daring behind vulnerability, we let our fear and discomfort become judgment and criticism.”

“To put our art, our writing, our photography, our ideas out into the world with no assurance of acceptance or appreciation – that’s also vulnerability.”


Dealing with technology is something that can be learned, and I am not encouraging you here to learn tech-terminology just for the sake of moving forward. This is what has intimidated you so far, and you will not heal by learning it like the vocabulary of a different language.

You have to get involved with it. You have to use it again and again and again. You’ll want to see it as an adventure, exploring new landscapes and terrains, and eventually discovering that there is something about it; something intangible.

It is some sort of tacit knowledge: knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it. It is knowledge that we can only experience ourselves.

“It’s your attitude about technology, not your aptitude that matters most!”

Three tips for your new Technology-Oriented Approach

Here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t be obsessed with doing something wrong!
  • It’s all about resilience. Running a business is comparable to running a marathon. It’s a long road. There are phases you’ll have to stretch, and there’ll be phases when things go smoothly. Setbacks are inevitable, but pay attention to your in-built capacity of resilience. All humans got this ability, and you too!
  • Have patience. Give yourself the time and space to figure things out.

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Are you ready to face the Technology-Challenge?

Technology nowadays has the potential to change the way we live and work. Using it smartly will evolve your business in ways you never dared to imagine. I understand if you come from a place of resistance to technology, you may have a bit of a rough time figuring things out.


Part of my competency is helping entrepreneurs to make decisions regarding what technologies are best when setting up their businesses. This is an individual choice, and it largely depends on an entrepreneur’s individual situation, goals, needs and infrastructure. If you are not aware of the options available, you could get in touch with me. I offer Business Tool Clarity Sessions in which I help technology-challenged people put together the pieces of their personal puzzle, so that their businesses can be set up in a way that it works well and is reliable, and they are still able to handle it on their own. If that is you, come over and schedule an appointment with me!

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