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I had to think hard about the number I put before ways to upgrade your business. It could have easily been 1001! But for the sake of rescuing my readers from information overload, I reduced it to 33.

To keep it readable and for easier reference, I am splitting the 33 ways to upgrade your business up into sections.

Everybody is on a different crossroad with their business. And what’s true and useful for you, doesn’t have to be for your neighbor.
So, here are the categories in which taking steps to upgrade your business makes the most sense. Scan through them and jump to where it draws you, and what you feel could be your next highest step.


Note: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase something, I may earn a commission. – Thank you for your support!

33 Ways to Upgrade Your Business



Switch your WordPress theme

A new look reawakens interest in visitors to look around more carefully and discover new gems on your website (hint!).


Consider switching to a professional framework theme like Divi

A framework theme allows you to create beautiful, even stunning pages yourself. You don’t need to hire a designer, neither do you need to know the code. It’s drag and drop, and framework themes are an excellent way to get into learning mode. Divi is a pioneer theme, and one that I can recommend without a second thought.


Check your website for responsiveness

Responsiveness means, your website looks good and adequate on all kind of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and all desktop versions. Use these tools and strategies to check back on your website.


Check your website for performance

It’s a pretty good idea to check whether your website is still in line with the recent guidelines by Google. After all, that’s important for your SEO score and reputation. Feed the Bot provides a set of very helpful tools that analyze your website for Google’s most recent standards and help you to remedy, should there something not looking too good.


Create website templates for regular tasks

Good example: Sales Pages.

If you regularly need to promote a product on your website, you’ll have to set up a sales page. In Divi, you don’t need a college decree for that. Create yourself a template for a sales page, that you can use again and again, and adjust where necessary.



Check your website for broken links

Broken links are inevitable, but they somewhat damage your site’s reputation. You should check in regular intervals that your website is free of this disease.


Update your backup strategy

An online business takes place on the web. If you have no backups, one day your website may just be gone. Make sure you have backups whose intervals reflect the importance of your business.


Subscribe to a Website Monitoring Service to audit your website’s uptime

You should be informed when and how often your website goes down. Not all hosts keep what they promise.

Subscribe to a 3rd party monitoring service (like JetPack or BinaryCanary) to have your website’s uptime checked at regular intervals.


Install a security plugin or two, to prevent hacking attacks

Installing at least one security plugins is a must-do with WordPress. If you never did and don’t know how to do that, check out my free online course WordPress Security 101, where I am giving tips on moving forward on this issue.


Submit your sitemap to search engines

A sitemap lists all the web pages of your website. If you are continuously creating new pages, you need to update your sitemap and let search engines know about it.



Reach out to your happy clients, and ask for testimonials

What have your clients been most happy about the project with you? What were they most impressed about? — Even if you do not need all this feedback right now, it’s smart to have it at hand.


Back up your business files to an encrypted external hard drive

Of course, you are free to have copies on secured cloud storages. But it’s not smart to make this the only place where you store important data.


Get instant feedback from your Newsletter subscribers

With the Customer Thermometer you can get real-time, identifiable, actionable feedback in your MailChimp emails.


Setup online forms for common inquiries

Instead of visitors spamming your contact form with always the same requests, it’s a good move to set up some online forms that guide your visitor to provide all the relevant information. This, in turn, allows you to pinpoint the pain barometer and target your response. A free tool to use are Google Forms, and with a few tweaks you can add some helpful automation to them.



Get a new set of business cards that you can style individually

Business cards can be used for more than just ordinary contact detail distribution. You can use business cards also for promotions. The most innovative creator of business cards I have come across so far is MOO. This company has developed a technology that lets you design two-sided business cards individually, and prints them to very reasonable prices. Of course, they have way more to offer than just business cards. Check them out to see if there is something that helps you to upgrade your business.


Get real feedback on products or ideas from consumers or users

A genius service like PickFu brings you the wisdom of the crowd to your business, ideas, logos, designs, marketing copy and anything else that needs unbiased feedback.


Build custom policies for your business

As a professional website owner, you need to play by the rules. Having a Privacy Policy in place and Terms & Conditions is a must, not a nice to have. Below are a few resources for online entrepreneurs that are attorney-prepared and reviewed, and definitely a good investment.

Grab a professional Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy that is created by a lawyer and GDPR-compliant.

If you run an LLC, you definitely need an LLC Operating Agreement to make your partners and yourself happy.



Review and refine your business strategy/model

That’s a task that should be done regularly. It reflects the development and growth of your business. Find more information about that task and a good tool to get this done.


Implement a CRM or upgrade to a more powerful CRM

CRM’s are constantly evolving and offering more powerful features every year. It does make sense to check back what’s available on the market and see if it could help you with one or the other black hole that swallows your time …


Organize your internal business structure more professionally

Let’s be honest here, we all had those times where we created a mess with our files and folders. I have given a few smart instructions, how to make order and structure a lifetime habit, but there’s also a tool you can use to consistently set up files and folder templates for your projects. PostHaste is a free project management tool for Windows and Mac and is great for quickly getting a default project folder set up.

update your business



Prepare your business documents for automated signing via electronic signatures


Automatically collect data from several locations and populate a new document with them

A tool called WebMerge provides you with flexible document types, dynamic content and delivery options that fit your business needs – no matter what stage your business is in.


Turn manual file conversion tasks into automated processes

CloudConvert is one of those jewels in the cloud landscape, that has the potential to transform your business – if you figure out, how. It safely converts files in the cloud and supports already up to 215 formats.

update your business



Secure your website shop with an SSL certificate

SSL establishes a “private” connection when, for instance, a purchase in your shop is being made. This was a must have, when you receive, process or store confidential data like passwords or credit card credentials. Now, it’s a must have if you have only a simple contact form on your site and don’t want to be penalized by Google.


Run a free website scan

for known malware, website errors, out-of-date software and blacklisting status on Sucuri.


Recheck and refresh the basic security settings for your WordPress website

If you are not very familiar with that, check out my free online course WordPress Security 101. These are the very basics, and you should not miss any of them.


Renew the Salt Keys in WordPress

Should be a regular part of your website hygiene, if your website runs on WordPress. I recommend to do it at least every six month with a basic website. But if you have a membership site, it’s better to do it every two month.

Not sure how to do it? In my free online course WordPress Security 101, I’ll explain it.


Implement a long-term password strategy with secure but easy to remember passwords

Do you think that’s not possible? It is! Read my article where I am sharing a strategy on creating secure passwords that you can actually remember – forever.


Use a CDN to protect your website from hacking attacks

If your website gets regularly attacked, you may want to think about using a CDN (like CloudFlare) to absorb most of these attempts. Here’s my story how I discovered and learned to value what a CDN could do for me.



Switch to a new hosting type

Shared Hosting is a valuable option at a business’ beginning stage. But it has its limitations. When traffic takes off and visitors moan about slow loading times, it’s probably time to upgrade your hosting. A Virtual Private Server has a higher performance, a Dedicated Server has the best customization and performance features.


Change your website host

There can be many reasons why you need to change your website host: performance, support, reliability or price are just a few of them. That’s not an easy task, so be sure you prepare this endeavor well.



Setup a subdomain for a test application

On a subdomain of your website’s domain, you can set up all kinds of parallel applications. This is particularly useful when you want to check whether your backups are actually working. Or, you can install a test application to test new website features before they go live on your main website.


Get one of the new TLD’s for marketing purposes

Did you know that there are a lot of fancy TLD’s [Top Level Domains] out there, that you can use to scale your business activities? Let’s say you live in London and run already a website “”. If you purchase the domain “”, you would create an eye catcher, that if smartly used within a marketing campaign, can open the door to a whole new business experience. Use this TLD and re-direct it to your main domain.

– Of course, you can also use a TLD such as .expert, .best, .online for those, who are on a trial-and-error web search, too.

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