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I am a happy user of Trello since years, and I occasionally cover best practice tips about Trello on my blog. I once wrote a post about the 18 Trello Features that every entrepreneur can make use of, to get and stay organized – and it’s been one of my most popular articles.
In August 2016 Trello announced the availability of a feature that I hadn’t covered much: the Trello Power-Ups. Not only had they been made available for all accounts (including the free accounts), but they also added quite a lot of tools that I hadn’t even heard of until then.

So, what’s the deal with Power-Ups in Trello, you might be asking?
What a Trello Power-Up does, is, it adds additional features to your Trello board, and makes one of your other web applications available – right inside Trello. No need to add additional tabs in your browser and switch back and forth. With a Trello Power-Up, you can not only save time by enhancing your workflows or adding shortcuts to your work. You can also significantly increase your productivity level.

Well, we are now in the age of business automation. And we see more and more tools beginning to talk to each other, and thus helping people or businesses to ease their workflows. Whilst users on a free plan can only enable one Power-Up per board, there’s still plenty of leeways to create something really cool.

Overview of Trello Power-Ups

Most of the new power-ups bring integrations to 3rd party applications. I will first list Trello’s internal power-ups, and then the currently available 3rd party power-ups.

Note: Most of these 3rd party power-ups you’ll need to sign up for if you want to use them in Trello. Some of them are, and some of them aren’t for free.

Internal Trello Power-Ups

Trello Power-Ups
Trello Power-Ups
Trello Power-Ups

CALENDAR – Enable the calendar power-up to gain access to the Trello calendar view. Display cards with due dates in a weekly or monthly format for a time-based overview of cards. Most useful for time-sensitive projects and projects with multiple due dates.

CARD AGING – Cards will visibly “age” as time passes without any activity. The regular mode will cause old cards to become progressively more transparent. The pirate mode will cause old cards to crack and tear like an old treasure map. Once cards have new activity on them, their age counter is reset and they appear new again. Age thresholds are 1, 2, and 4 weeks.

CARD REPEATER – The Card Repeater Power-Up allows you to automatically create duplicate copies of Trello cards at set intervals for repeated tasks.

CUSTOM FIELDS – The Custom Fields Power-Up allows you to create additional fields for this board that you and your team can set on cards. For example, you might want to add a date field that can be used to store when work was started on a particular card. You can toggle whether these fields should show up on the front of cards to make information more easy to spot.

VOTING – Enable this power-up to allow users to vote on your cards. Votes are stored and synchronized between all users sharing this board. Choose between multiple permission levels for which users can vote on cards. View the number of votes on each card from the main Trello list pane or in a card’s detail pane.

3rd Party Power-Ups in Trello

[sorted alphabetically] – The Power-Up attaches a persistent video chat to the board via a link in the board header. – Box is another cloud storage web application. The Box Power-Up shows you up-to-date information and previews for any Box files or folders attached to a card.

Burndown for Trello – The Burndown Power-Up lets you view Burndown Charts for your Sprint. This is compatible with the Scrum for Trello task estimates system.

Corrello Agile – The Corrello Agile Power-Up enables sprint burndown charts, release burnups, cumulative flow diagrams, cycle time charts and lots more.


Dropbox – Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage tools. I discussed its capacity for business automation in an earlier article 7 Innovative Dropbox Automations. There are also quite a lot of tools that already communicate with Dropbox and make it a serious option to consider for many business starters. Check out out my article 6 Remarkable Tools That Automate Dropbox, if you want some inspiration what can be achieved.

The Dropbox Power-Up inside Trello shows up-to-date information and previews for any Dropbox files or folders attached to a card.

Evernote – The Evernote Power-Up shows up-to-date information about notes attached to a card.

FogBugz – FogBugz is a project management system featuring bug/issue tracking, and this Power-Up lets you associate a list of FogBugz cases with a card.

Gantt Chart –  I already introduced this Power-Up in an earlier article, because I thought it is one of the most outstanding features! With the Elegantt Power-Up you can visualize your board’s progress as a Gantt chart with a single click. And I need to say, it looks pretty amazing!

Giphy – Giphy lets you search from the world’s largest library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on the web.
This Power-Up will enable a Giphy button on cards, allowing you to quickly search for and attach the perfect GIF.


GitHub – The GitHub Power-Up allows you to…

  • Associate one or more repositories with a board. Attached repositories will appear as links in the board header. To do this, enable the Power-Up, and click the gear button in this list.
  • Attach branches, commits, issues, and pull requests to cards. To do this, enable the Power-Up and click the “GitHub” button on a card back.
  • Show the status of pull requests as a badge on the front of cards.


GoogleDrive – Another popular cloud storage application. The Google Drive Power-Up…

  • Shows up-to-date information for any Drive files or folders attached to a card.
  • Allows you to create and automatically attach new Drive files from a card.


Google Hangouts – The Google Hangouts Power-Up attaches a persistent video chat to the board, via a link in the board header.


Harvest – Harvest is a well-known time tracking application. With the Harvest Power-up you can …

  • Track time right from a Trello card. Start a timer or enter a duration as you work, without leaving Trello.
  • See how much time has been tracked to each card. Cards are also linked from your Harvest time sheet, so it’s easy to see the details behind your time entries.


Help Scout – The Help Scout Power-Up shows up-to-date information about conversations attached to a card.


Includer – Includer is an idea evaluation platform, and it allows you to discuss a list of cards, ideas or files in a nicely organized way. You can also invite people who are not on your Trello board. – This Power-Up allows you to attach a persistent meeting that anyone can start or join to the board via a link in the board header.


MailChimp – The MailChimp Power-Up shows up-to-date information about templates and campaigns attached to a card.

Marker – The Marker Power-Up allows you to browse and attach screenshots taken with the Marker extension to your Trello cards.


PackageTracker – With PackageTracker you can monitor your product’s shipments. The Power-Up inside Trello allows you to attach tracking numbers to cards and monitor the current status of your shipments.


Pipedrive – The Pipedrive Power-Up automatically creates Trello cards when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. It also lets you pull deal information straight into Trello from Pipedrive, ensuring automatic and faultless handover between sales and the rest of your organization.


Publicate – With Publicate you can streamline the process of creating newsletters, and monitor that right from inside Trello. The Publicate Power-Up…

  • Shows you real-time previews of any Publications attached to a card.
  • Easily view and edit a Publication directly from the card.


SalesForce – SalesForce is a pretty popular CRM, and the Power-Up that is offered by Trello shows you up-to-date information about cases, contacts, leads, and opportunities attached to a card.
This Power-Up currently works only with the Salesforce Performance, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer tiers, or the Professional Edition.


Screenful – Create sprints and releases, track your lead & cycle times and more. Set up as a big screen radiator in your office!


Slack – Slack is one of tools that changed the way how people inside businesses and organizations communicate with each other. Trello acknowledges this trend, and by adding the Slack Power-Up into its feature box allows you to…

  • Associate a Slack channel with a board. The channel will appear as a link in the board header. To do this, enable the Power-Up, and click the gear button in this list.
  • Send a Trello card to a Slack channel or direct message via the “Slack” button on the card back.
  • Set a reminder for a card using Slack’s /remind feature


SurveyMonkey – One of the most popular form builders used by the web community. The SurveyMonkey Power-Up allows you to quickly search for and attach your surveys to cards. It’s also great for monitoring statistics about the survey directly on the card. Also, other members can take the survey right from within Trello.


Twitter – The Twitter Power-Up shows up-to-date information about single tweets attached to a card. For instance, how often a particular tweet has been liked or retweeted. You can also use it to monitor your searches or mentions.


Zendesk – The Zendesk Power-Up allows you to quickly search for and attach tickets and views to your cards. Details about the attached tickets and views are then displayed directly on the card.

But Wait, Is There More?

Whilst this list does give an idea of what is possible with the Trello Power-Ups, I have the feeling that what inspires people most is to see real use cases and practical examples of how it actually works.

The 3rd-party Power-Ups features in Trello were made available to the public only recently. I did do research on this feature and existing use cases, and I need to admit I did not find that many. Eventually, it’s a matter of exploring the possibilities, which does take time.
But, I did find some interesting ideas, and I also tested some of the Trello Power-Ups myself. So, in next week’s article, I’ll follow up on this and showcase 5 Trello Power-Up hacks that can also inspire you to upgrade your business processes.

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