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In my last blog post, I talked about Trello’s Power-Up features. The internal as well as the 3rd party ones. They are a great way to enhance the way you use Trello … AND they can really, really help you to level-up the one or other workflow in your business. Whilst in this last article I did a mere description of the options available with Trello’s Power-Ups, in this one, I get more practical. I’ll talk about some of the Trello Power Hacks, that can work in one or the other way – for your business or project.

The big question is always:

How do you make something work for an individual business setup?

To help small business owners like you, I collected examples for Trello Power Hacks. They might not work for you at all, or you may have to adjust them … but since running a business is very much a trial-and-error process, we should be brave and use the modern tools of entrepreneurship to take control of our destiny.

Trello Power Hacks

Trello Power Hacks

Trello Power Hacks are use cases of Trello’s Power-Ups that I did some research on, or tested them myself.

The point is, we need to actually know what’s possible with the tools we use. Hidden features may be an asset for someone who deals with secrets. But honestly, for those of us who want to run a business with more ease and grace, this is not an option. We need to know and be informed about the possibilities we have. Informed decisions is the magic word here 🙂 .

To get started, I am showing you what you can do with five of Trello’s Power-Ups. Click on the buttons below for quick access.

trello power hacks quick tip

If you are using Trello with a free account, you can also benefit from these features. However, you are limited to only one Power-Up per board. You then have to think through strategically, which Power-Up you are going to choose for each board.

Trello Power Hack #1:    CUSTOM FIELDS


With Custom Fields you can add additional data and information to a card’s description.
This additional data can be anything from text, numbers, dates, checkboxes to drop down lists.

The data is displayed on the front of a card as a badge. This way it can be spotted easily, without having to open the card.
Because one custom field is often not enough, the power-up lets you create 5 pieces of data at most.


Here’s what I found Trello users are using it for:

  • Customer addresses during a sales process
  • Add ‘Completed’ data for project tasks

Source: Trello Blog


Generally speaking, custom fields come in handy, when you find yourself typing the same information into a card’s description field.

Trello Power Hack #2:    MAILCHIMP


With this feature, you can analyze the performance of your campaigns, or collect information about your templates in MailChimp.


I looked at this Power-Up’s settings, and unfortunately, I must state that there isn’t really that much that you can do with it.
You can either store the stats of your campaigns (like sent date, open rate, and click rate) in a card in your Trello board.
Or, you can connect the templates you created in MailChimp, and pull in some of their meta-information, like when or by whom it was created. You can also insert a direct link to the template.


To be honest, I was a bit deflated after testing this Power-Up’s benefits. The only two things you can do here are only a time saver, when you have a lot of templates and campaigns you need to stay up-to-date with.

Trello Power Hack #3:    PUBLICATE


With Publicate‘s Power-Up you can streamline the process of creating newsletters. Imagine, you could set up your newsletters – all the pieces of information – like lego blocks in Trello? Read more about this power-up in Trello’s introductory blog post about Publicate.


In Trello, you can collect the information piece by piece that is supposed to go into your newsletter. Building the Newsletter is then done in Publicate’s web app.

Once the newsletter is drafted, you can add it to a Trello card.

It’s a good place to review it – particularly if you have multiple newsletters in the queue, or several team members to contribute to it.


When I first became aware of Publicate, I thought it is such a brilliant idea. And definitely, it is a good tool when the newsletter’s content is created by a team. I had a look at Publicate’s platform and how it works. The way you can piece together a newsletter is by drag and drop. With a free account, unfortunately, you cannot upload any image files. So, I hope Publicate will open up its platform this year for cloud storage devices, too. And thus allow a wider audience to use its services and help them even more to streamline their business processes.

Trello Power Hack #4:    TWITTER


Imagine, you are running a new social media campaign, and want to see how your tweets are performing. This power-up is helpful when you want to observe a tweets performance (responses, retweets, likes).
With the Twitter Power-Up, you can connect a tweet to a card, and get a glimpse at how many likes and retweets it got. No longer do you need to look it up in Twitter or store its link. ‘Right from inside a Trello board’ is the convenient answer.


You can use this power-up to keep an eye on the performance of your own tweets.
Alternatively, you can use it to store interesting tweets that are related to what you are working on.
Another use case is that you can store tweets in which you got mentioned.
Finally, you can add tweets from a search to the Trello board.


You can do some serious tweet analysis with the Twitter Power-Up. However, be aware that there is some manual work involved, beforehand.

Trello Power Hack #5:    DROPBOX


With this Power-Up, you can connect files and folders in your Dropbox and keep an eye on the changes made in there.


There are two basic things that this power-up lets you do.
You can either connect a card in Trello to a file in Dropbox, or you can connect to a folder in Dropbox.

In case you connect to an existing file in your Dropbox, you will find some meta information about the file, e.g., when it was last modified. There’s also a link for quickly accessing it in Dropbox. You need to be logged in, though, to have that shortcut work.

In case you connect to a folder in your Dropbox, you are presented with an overview of all files. Image files have a thumbnail picture attached. So I could imagine using this power-up to glimpse at what’s stored in the folder and keep an eye on updates.

trello power hacks dropbox power-up


I can imagine that there are a few use cases for this power-up when collaborating with others needs an eagle’s eye.
Getting information on when a file was last modified, or which files a folder contains can come in handy when someone needs to keep an eye on what is going on in a shared folder in Dropbox.

trello power hacks quick tip

The Google Drive power-up works very similarly, but there is something special about it.

From within a card in Trello, you can create a new document (!!) and add this to your GDrive.

What I Am Taking Away From It


Even though I haven’t looked at all the 3rd party tools that Trello provides Power-Ups for, most of those I have looked at do not provide that much value. — For me, right now.
I would currently not consider implementing them into my business routines.

BUT … as time went by, things have changed! There’s one Trello Power Hack that has really made a difference to me and my business processes the moment I discovered it. It’s called Butler for Trello.

Butler for Trello works as a Power-Up that can be activated for each board, or as a little robot that helps you to get rid of these manual tasks that are nothing more but a time killer. When I realized how good this tool actually is, I began creating productivity as well as clean-up workflows in my boards that leveraged the way Trello supported my work (literally!). If you are curious and want to check it out, make sure you read my introductory article on it: How to Use Butler for Trello to Increase your Productivity.

And if you do want to get started with using Butler for Trello yourself, you can sign up for my free online course and learn the very basics. If you are rather interested to learn your first few commands to create workflows with, this article will help you to tame your Trello chaos.


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