Maybe you have some things to do that you are just not good at …

or they take you days to figure out how to do them right.

You know the importance of a great website.

You are aware of the pressing need to streamline some of your business processes.

You want to set up your online business in a professional and polished way.

You want to grow your business into a six- or seven-figure business.

You know what your business provides and love the work you do.

You may have some things in place, but your business is growing and now you are missing critical pieces.

You don’t shy away from learning new things.

You have a budget for the work you need done, and you are willing to invest in getting the work done properly knowing that it will save you time, energy and money.

Maybe you need to …

tech hours

Have someone you can reach out to, when you are having a technical crisis. The last thing you want to do is spending precious hours with googling and not finding any solutions. You want someone who is there for you. Unconditionally.

Streamline your business processes. Spotting and identifying the processes for automation is easier said then done. You need someone who can tell you your options and help you to implement the changes.

Setup or upgrade your systems. You want to choose systems that are beginner friendly, but empire equipped. You need someone who can set it up for you, and teaches you how to make changes, updates and shifts yourself.

This is where I come in …

You need someone who not only understands the struggles of small online businesses and the technology they need, but who is also able to implement and execute the work instead of just adding more and more to your to-do list.

Plus, you don’t want to be locked-in in a support contract for month or years. You want to remain flexible and enjoy the comfort and service of tech help booked on an hourly basis.

The Tech Hours Bundles is just right for you.

tech hours



Maybe you aren’t super-clear yet, what exactly it is that you need.

You know the fundamentals of what you need to accomplish, but you don’t always have the right words and neither do you know the tools that can help you to get it done. Before booking, you need to talk.

The Tech Clarity Call is set up as a 60 or 90 minute online conversation (via Skype, Zoom or a similar application), in which we will discuss your needs and make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

What’s next?

After that session you can purchase your tech hours bundle and we will schedule the sessions.

According what it is that is on your plate, I will advise whether I’d recommend the 3-hrs. or 5-hrs. tech bundle.

Should I not use all the hours you have paid for, we can roll them over into another service or you can use them up in the next 90 days.

Want to move on without a clarity call?


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