Isn’t it wonderful, that we live in a world that is full of beauty, love, trust, joy and friendly kindness? Do you love it as much as I do?
Hm. Did you realize I am talking about planet Earth?

I actually do, but I haven’t mentioned which timeline I am talking about.
Yes, at the moment everything looks a little dense here. So let’s take a moment to evaluate whether you should apply a little thought to your business environment and see if you can lighten up something here.

Security vs. Convenience

There is a debate going on for a while. It is the security vs convenience-debate.

Some people are trying to tell the rest that there is some danger, lurking around everywhere. And that websites and computer need to be protected from invisible attackers (aka hackers).
And a somewhat big part of the collective is attempting to downplay the risk. Their reasons? Well, I believe there is not just one, there are a few. But for most, it’s probably indeed a convenience issue. And this convenience issue comes in different shapes and forms.

When I ask people why they aren’t much impressed with taking proper security precautions, I understood there are two factors playing a major role:

  • #1 – A lot of folks underestimate how often website attacks actually happen, and how easy it is to break into a website and ruin someone’s online presence, or infect a computer and lock the hard drive.
  • #2 – And also a lot of folks overestimate the time resources they’ll need to implement a decent security strategy.

Underestimating the Security Threat

In regards to securing your online presence, the first check is always what online platform are you on. WordPress? Ok. There’s something you can do about it. And you do not need to go far because I have identified six basic steps in my free online course WordPress Security 101. Reading through it and implementing it will not take you more than two hours. — And let me tell you: these two hours will be a very wise investment in your business (in terms of risk management).

If you still don’t like this idea of a two-hour-investment, let me ask you something.

security vs. convenience debate open door

Do you leave your house door wide open when you go out, go shopping or on holiday? No? Why not? – Of course not. Why would you? – So, why would you do that to your online presence?

If you are using any other platforms, there are of course other steps you can take. It all starts with a solid password. Please don’t tell me you are using passwords like ‘123456’, ‘password’ or your partner’s or pets name?

You know, machines today are pretty intelligent. They check whole dictionaries in an almost speed of light for common password combinations.

  • For a 3 character password in only lower cases, they’ll need 0,86 seconds
  • For a 4 character password in only lower cases, they’ll need 1,36 minutes
  • For a 5 character password in only lower cases, they’ll need 2,15 hours
  • For a 6 character password in only lower cases, they’ll need 8,51 days

So again, what’s your password strength?
Do not take this lightly! If you want to know a really clever strategy to come up with decent passwords that you can actually remember FOREVER, check out my multi-level password strategy article.

Convenience is a nice thing. But not anymore when someone managed to break into your website, accounts or computer.

security vs. convenience debate

Overestimating the Needed Resources

No, no, I do not mean to discourage you.
But to be blunt with you, I also do not really believe that there is something like an ultimate security.
Neither in the computer business nor in life.

But of course, we can do something to prevent the most avoidable things happen to us … just in case.
When we are in the car, we take a seatbelt. It’s not a guarantee that there won’t be a crash and nobody is injured. But in many cases, it will prevent a body from being dramatically damaged from the gravitational forces that come to play in case of a crash.
Also, many athletes wear some kind of protection gear when doing their sports. And nowadays, that is considered common sense. Nobody really thinks this is strange or questions this.

So, why not applying that to your business as well?

security vs. convenience debate


It all starts with education. And attitude.
It’s about ignorance or responsibility.

Prevention and control are the magic words here.
Prevention … in the way that you don’t make it too easy for someone to break into your website.
Control … in the way to check regularly if your site is not infected with any digital critters.

Will that take you long?
I dare to say, no, it won’t.
It’s a matter of how you implement these tasks into your regular routines.

Let’s say, if you get into the habit of regularly updating your website (whenever there is an update available), you will soon do it automatically. And you won’t feel the stress anymore you perceive right now.

A security strategy for a small business is neither a costly nor a time-consuming undertaking.

In a nutshell, it is about setting priorities right.
When you educate yourself and understand the common risks and what it is that you can do to prevent them, you will feel empowered. Gone are these times in which you felt helpless because it all sounded so foreign. When you educate yourself, you develop a realistic view of the risks and its costs. And this is a very necessary and healthy step on becoming a conscious entrepreneur.

After all, we need more conscious entrepreneurs in this world.
We need more people who do not shy away from those dangers that are spelled into the air.

At the beginning of this article, I painted this picture of the world full of beauty, love, trust, joy and friendly kindness. It did that for a purpose.
When you set your priorities in such a way that sudden obstacles cannot throw you off balance, because you are educated and know how to respond to these challenges … eventual attacks cannot harm you or your project.

You Next Highest Step

When you know you are capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer.

So, my recommendation for you is to start educating yourself.

Luckily for you, I have put together some materials that make it really easy for you to learn about all these things. In my online course WEBSITE MAINTENANCE, I am covering these four big topics:



Website Monitoring, and

Maintenance Tasks – and all in a non-techy way.

I know there are a lot of people out there, who feel pretty challenged with all this tech-lingo. So in this course (and in my other courses as well), I am making it as easy as possible for you to understand the ideas behind every topic. Each module in this online course comes with a Tech Term Glossary and some Tool Tips, and each module is finalized by a little quiz in which you can test yourself if you understood everything.

Want to give it a try?
This course is suitable for WordPress websites as well as other common platforms.

There’s also a free course that I am offering, in which I am teaching the very, very basics of WordPress Security. I have made this course for free because I believe that this information should be freely available to everyone. Really. No kidding. If you don’t do these steps, I cannot help you. Nobody can.
It’s an attitude thing, and I really hope you’re doing the right thing here.

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