Workflows for Classic Trello Boards

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66 Commands. 5 Workflows. 2 Board Variations – for Classic Trello Boards.

This is your guide to create automations & workflows for your classic Trello boards.

Whether you are using a 3-list setup (ToDo-Doing-Done) or a 4-list setup (ToDo-Paused-In Progress-Done), this guide is for you if you would like inspirations on commands on how to build workflows that get your manual tasks done.




You know how it goes … you have a dozen Trello boards, but simply but surely you notice that managing and maintaining your Trello boards costs you more time than you anticipated. Manually moving cards between lists, labeling cards, and checking its due dates costs you a lot of time and now you are a bit disillusioned about working with Trello. – Sound familiar?

Look, the solution isn’t to find another tool. The solution is to create workflows within Trello. Little automations that do all these little actions at exact the moment you want them to.

Not possible? Far wrong!

In this eBook I am presenting you 66 commands and 5 workflows for classic Trello boards, that you can implement quickly. You do not need any programming skills for that. All you need to do is adding a little automation tool to your Trello boards and set up the commands you need … and voila!

Butler for Trello is the automation tool that allows you to set up simple or complex workflows. If you have never heard about it, I recommend you read some of my articles and/or enroll in my free online course How To Automate Your Trello Boards.

workflows for classic trello boards article series 4 parts

The workflows for classic Trello boards I am presenting in this eBook aim to give you inspiration on how you can set up workflows yourself. You can either implement the commands I am showcasing, or you can adjust them to your liking. All commands are written in plain English and therefore very user-friendly to adapt.

The workflows for classic Trello boards work in two different board setups (which I consider the classic style even though they are a little different).

The first board style is a 3-list board with lists called “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”.

workflows for classic Trello boards 3-list style



The second board style is a 4-list board with lists named “To Do”, “Paused”, “In Progress” and “Done”.

workflows for classic Trello boards 4-list style



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