Workflow Kit for Master To-Do Boards

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Combine the simplicity of the Classic Board system with the convenience of a Master-Client board system, where all tasks can easily be spotted and nothing slips through the cracks.

The basic feature of this Workflow Kit for Master boards is that all cards from any single To-Do board are fully mirrored into one Master To-Do board. Every change made in the Master board will be synced back into each individual board. This allows for maximum control of all tasks contained in one of the individual To-Do boards.

These are the four feature categories this Workflow Kit is made of:

  • Automatically copy commands between boards
  • Automatically move commands between lists
  • Use labels as triggers for several workflow sequences
  • Continuously sync commands between boards

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This Workflow Kit for Master Boards is based on the classic 3-list Trello board setup: To Do, Doing, Done

… but it is certainly not limited to it. It can be expanded into a classic 5-list setup (To Do, In Progress, Paused, On Hold, Done).


For this board setup, you can use as many individual To-Do Boards as you like to link into the central Master board: 3, 10, 25 or more.

There’s a PDF Tutorial included in the Workflow Kit that explains the features and many details of the setup. This should enable you to build your board system without any problems yourself. You get also access to a video that shows how to quickly import commands from the text files included. You will also learn how to adjust those commands to create a clean command repository so that you always can find commands quickly that you’d like to adjust.


Cards/tasks can be edited in all boards and are automatically synced back and forth. Never again will you loose sight of a task, or create dead waste in any of your ToDo-boards.

Cards/tasks can be either created manually, or emailed into one of the individual To-Do-Boards. The Workflow Kit Master uses predefined label names and colors in order to initiate certain workflow sequences. But you are free to customize that. See the tutorial for further explanations.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to limit your boards to the classic style (ToDo/Doing/Done), you may want to have a look at another Workflow Kit. The Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System can incorporate all kind of project boards, and comes with a few unique features not applied in this setup.


P.S. If you see the need to customize this Workflow Kit for Master boards further, feel free to book a Workflow Concierge Service with me. Whether you are unsure if possible customization ideas are possible at all or you feel intimidated doing it yourself, the Workflow Concierge Service is a 1:1 video session in which I help people to adjust their automated Trello boards into unique solutions.

Content Overview


That’s included in this Workflow Kit for Master To-Do Boards:


  • 1 Cheatsheet
  • 4 Command Files (2 each for individual boards and a Master board)
  • 1 PDF Tutorial with instructions on
    • how the board setup is organized,
    • how you can adjust the setup,
    • how commands are working, and
    • how they can be best organized, plus
    • a next steps checklist
  • Link to a video tutorial for implementing commands into your Trello boards

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workflow kit for master boards

workflow kit for master boards

How the Ordering Process Works


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The download link expires after 15 days and/or 3 attempts to download – which ever is first.

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