Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System

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This Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System allows you to set up an unlimited number of (project) boards that are all reporting into one central Master board in Trello.

This Workflow Kit works with the Butler Power-Up.

The basic feature of this Workflow Kit for Master-Project Board Systems is that cards from an individual board are – on demand – copied into a Master board. Then, they get linked to each other and information between them can be exchanged on an automated basis – or on demand.

No longer do boards need to be opened just to check the status or information details of individual cards. This can now all be done conveniently from the Master board.

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July 2019

The Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System allows you to connect multiple boards together. Trello boards that can be embedded into a super flexible workflow has been a demand of thousands of Trello users. With this cross-board functionality, now individual board setups can be utilized that build a web of tangentially connected boards within Trello.


archive repository board setup board system workflow kit

With this cross-board functionality you can design workflows you always wished were possible, but never knew how to set them up. In fact, Trello was lacking the ability to add cross-board and cross-project planning and scheduling features. This made managing multiple project boards a difficult undertaking. By using the Butler Power-Up and the prepared and pretested commands in this Workflow Kit, this is now entirely possible.

There is total freedom in how you want to set up your PROJECT boards. With this Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System, you can set up an unlimited amount of PROJECT boards and connect them into a MASTER board. For the PROJECT boards, you can use any board style you want, and/or even combine it with the classical setup of “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”.

By default, the Master Project Board System is based on using labels for the card copy process between the Project board(s) and the Master board. Of course, this set of labels can be adjusted or skipped.

Additionally to the features already included in this Workflow Kit, you can add your own workflow sequences and tweak the workflows to your unique requirements.

The features of this board setup include:

  • Copy cards between boards
  • Use labels as triggers
  • Sync cards between boards
  • Move finished tasks into a separate board (Archive / Repository board)

Master Project Board System Animation inspirITing

Each PROJECT board is a functioning unit in itself. It certainly needs the basic commands to ‘connect’ and ‘sync’ with the MASTER’s board, but if you require a special setup for a PROJECT board with additional automation features, that is entirely possible. There is enough flexibility to accommodate that. And, you don’t necessarily need to apply these to all other PROJECT boards!

P.S. You don’t necessarily need to create new project boards in order to integrate them into a Master Project Board System. The setup works for existing Trello boards. Simply enable the Butler Power-Up on your boards, set the labels and enable the commands.

P.P.S. If you are only interested in the Archive Repository Board Workflow Setup, this can be purchased individually now!

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