Workflow Kit for Classic 3 Trello Boards

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How can you quickly build an automated Trello board – the classic style? With this Workflow Kit, for instance!

It contains four different files with pre-written and tested command codes to build classic Trello boards – with 3 lists: ‘To Do, ‘Doing, ‘Done.

There are four different files included, each enabling a more complex board setup.

The workflows created for import will help you to automatically:

  • move cards between lists,
  • sort cards,
  • archive cards,
  • handle urgent and postponed tasks, and more.



As a long-time user of Trello, I always had the feeling there is something missing. I loved this tool for its simplicity, its flexibility, its adaptability. But I was longing to be able to create automations and workflows that fit my personal working style. Now, things have changed and I was able to find a tool that helps me to create workflows – and lets me help others to create the same for others! The Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello is a bunch of hand-picked and tested workflows that are easily integrated into a classic Trello board with the three famous columns “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”.

To make these workflows work, you will have to connect your Trello with Butler for Trello. This is a little automation helper that is incredibly easy to use. – With Butler for Trello I was able to create a series of workflows that, I believe, many Trello users will find useful, too!

The workflows compiled in this Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello are aimed to automatically:

  • move cards between lists (‘To Do’ ➩ ‘Done’ & ‘Doing’ ➩ ‘Done‘)
  • sort cards
  • archive cards
  • handle urgent tasks
  • respond to changing due dates
  • clean up the board / do some housekeeping


The setup of the commands included in this Workflow Kit takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done by anyone. Neither technical nor any development skills are required.

Butler for Trello is a tool that can be used for free, and comes to a very affordable price when using it more extensively. To learn more about this precious little helper, check out my articles and/or the free online course I created.

workflows for classic trello boards article series 4 parts Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello

These workflows are meant to alleviate avid Trello users from the pains of self-organization and the hundreds of tedious manual clicks that inevitably come up when multiple Trello boards need to be handled. The Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello is a workflow kit that specifically targets Trello boards in the classic style with 3 lists.

Content Overview


The Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello consists of four different setups, all with a varying complexity.

  • #1: Daily list sorting, moving cards between lists, archiving, housekeeping
  • #2: Daily list sorting, moving cards between lists, due date magic, archiving, housekeeping
  • #3: Daily list sorting, moving cards between lists, due date magic, urgency handling, archiving, housekeeping
  • #4: Daily list sorting, moving cards between lists, due date magic, urgency handling, postponing, archiving, housekeeping

Each workflow comes with a cheatsheet that explains the workflow as well as its features and the labels that are used in order to make the workflow flow.

All workflows can be used with a free account with Butler for Trello. The setup itself is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes to implement.

Further, all commands can be easily changed and adapted. If you want to use other label colors or names, you can simply adjust the command text (which is written in plain English) and make the workflow run the way you want it.

The Workflow Kit contains a PDF with Instructions included that explains the exact steps how to connect Butler for Trello with your Trello boards.

On top of that, there is another PDF with Best Practice Tips for adapting the commands to your personal needs.

Galery Pics


Workflow Cheatsheet for the most complex board setup (#4)


Workflow Kit Classic 3 Trello Cheatsheet

How the Ordering Process Works


After purchase, you will receive a download link, both in the checkout window as well as in the confirmation mail that is sent to you immediately after the payment is processed.


The download link expires after 15 days and/or 3 attempts to download – which ever is first.

Other Resources


A Free Online Course to help you to get started with Butler for Trello

workflow for Classic Trello boards free online course Butler for Trello



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