Workflow Concierge Service

$ 49.00


Setting up workflows and automations in our Trello boards is no longer a fancy thing to do, it is downright a necessity to withstand the pressures the age of automation places on us. The Workflow Concierge Service helps business owners, entrepreneurs and project manager to build productivity workflows in Trello.

Everybody who is using Trello to organize projects, to collect ideas or to run a business, knows that this tool got fantastic core features. But customization, and particularly the creation of workflows within Trello, remains a personal responsibility.

A Workflow Concierge Service session takes 30 minutes. It is a 1:1 video meeting session in which we discuss your needs, and via screen sharing I will directly make those customizations to your application. You will also get a video recording of the session (.mp4) plus 15 days of email support after the session has taken place.





Are you using Trello a lot, and have started using Butler for Trello to create workflows and to customize your boards? Maybe you have already purchased one of my Workflow Kits and want to take the next step and customize them even further? Or, your business processes are really unique and you need an off-the-shelf solution to come up with your own workflow? Then book a Workflow Concierge Service session with me and let’s see how we can bring you closer towards your goals.


If you would like to customize your boards in new ways, and

are unsure whether that’s possible at all,

☞ feel intimidated doing it yourself, or

would like to have someone who can assist and consult you,

… the Workflow Concierge Service is what you should go for.


Whilst the Workflow Concierge Service is primarily meant to be a supportive service for those who already purchased one of my Workflow Kits, this isn’t a precondition. Since I have developed all workflow setups myself, I am not only well experienced in creating workflows. I also know best how to quickly customize the Workflow Kits without compromising them.

My knowledge and expertise in creating workflows with Butler for Trello will also help those who need support in finding new solutions in an individual Trello board setup. Please be aware that 30 minutes are a relatively short period of time to understand an existing board setup where workflows and commands are already in place. I would like to ask you to be realistic about the scope of customization you are expecting, and either book an appropriate amount of session slots, or contact me beforehand to get an estimate of how much time would be required for such a session.



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