Trello Workflow & Automation Champs

$ 49.00


A Video Business Training Program

Has working more efficiently within Trello been on your list for ages? Are you living with messy and unstructured To-Do lists that make organizing your life, business and projects hard? Are you looking for a way to eliminate all those tedious manual actions in Trello?

Let me take you on a journey to show you how to transform your Trello empire and create beautiful workflows and automations right inside Trello. Across boards. Across projects. — No matter how you use Trello – there are solutions for any board setup. In this video business training, I am going to show you how to use Butler for Trello, and how to begin to build workflows that not only perfectly suit your working style, but will also give you more freedom in your lifestyle.




The focus of this online training is on creating workflows and automation sequences in Trello.

Creating workflows is a bit of an art. You need a purpose and a skillset to build workflows that actually deserve its name. When work “flows” and you can watch how things are being done without you having to interfere … that’s a pretty satisfying experience because you have just created a new level of expertise. When a workflow is properly set up, you can withdraw your attention from parts of your work load and focus on other important tasks.

Creating workflows that where once were manual action sequences, help you to work smarter.

In the Digital Age, we all need to make responsible decisions to use technology in a balanced way. Creating workflows in our Trello boards is the next highest step in becoming a Trello Workflow & Automation Champ!  That’s where this video training is coming in.

In this training I am going to teach you to get started and to understand your options with this little automation helper we are going to use: Butler for Trello.

Plus – and that’s the big bonus to the different programs – I share with you what to look out for when setting up a Trello workflow, and how I build workflows. I share with you best practices and tips – and help you to avoid the mistakes that beginners inevitably make.

Ready? When you purchase the online training, you are provided with the video URL and a password to access the video. (The password is subject to change on a regular basis.)


The Trello Workflow Video Training comes in 9 parts:


  1. ABOUT – Automations & Workflows in Trello
  2. EXAMPLES – Short & Quick
  3. HOW – ButlerBot & Butler Power-Up
  4. WHY – Benefits
  5. GETTING STARTED – with using the ButlerBot
  6. BUTLER LIST & the Command Builder
  7. POWER-UP – How to use it
  8. CREATING WORKFLOWS & Thinking in Processes
  9. TAKE IT EASY – Support & Resources

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