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In Trello Spells, I share strategies and tips how to use the popular Trello tool for productivity and automation.

There are quite a few hidden features in Trello that many people aren’t aware of. They alone can make a huge difference when it comes to getting things done easier and faster.

I have covered the potential of Power-Ups and giving you a bunch of really cool examples what tasks can actually accomplished with automations in Trello – all for free. Also in this eBook, I am sharing dozens of excellent use cases. Seeing examples how other users do their work, often inspires us and awakens new ideas for adaption. For a chapter overview, see the description below.


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In the Trello Spells eBook,  I cover almost all of the features that Trello offers. But most prominently I target the issue, how Trello can be used within the context of productivity and business automation for small business owners and online entrepreneurs.

If you would have to name a few goals of a project management tool, would these be included?

Simple structure

Clear, top-level overview of projects

Easy-to-grasp user-interface

Mobile interface

Easy-to-use for less tech-savvy team members

If so, Trello is definitely a candidate for you. And the Trello Spells eBook is a good place to start.

In whatever stage you are of your endeavor – brainstorming, starting or accelerating – having a foundation where growth can happen is vital. Trello is a tool that is visual in nature and doesn’t require much understanding of codes and infrastructure. It could be easily a tool for less tech-savvy people who experience barriers to embrace a modern web tool for their projects.


If you require assistance with certain tech tasks or wonder how you can connect your web applications with Trello so that they speak with each other and automate some business tasks, feel free to talk to me. If you have a certain project in mind and don’t want to do it yourself, you can book a couple of Tech Hours along with a free Tech Clarity Call. Or, should you need some clarity first about how to best move forward, you a Clarity Session might be your best move.


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Table of Content


Here is what’s covered in the Trello Spells eBook:

Chapter 1 – The Basics

Chapter 2 – Power-ups

Chapter 3 – Board Inspirations

Chapter 4 – Automation with Trello

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