Tech Clarity Call

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The Tech Clarity Call is a complimentary service I offer for clients who wish to book Tech Hours with me.


After you book this service, I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire that provides me with the most basic information before our Tech Clarity Call starts.





In this Tech Clarity Call we will get to meet each other and see whether we are both a match for each other. You can tell me a bit about your project, your deadlines and what it is you would like help with.

I am offering this Tech Clarity Call for free, because I find it important to get to meet someone first and to see whether or not their request is in the scope of what I can offer.

When you begin to realize that you can no longer sustain the amounts of hours you are working, it is time to outsource. Whether you need to upgrade your systems, have a particular task in mind or just need a “go-to” person on-call for all of your business and tech needs. If you are interested in booking some Tech Hours with me, as a new client I kindly ask you to book a Tech Clarity Call first.

If you aren’t sure what it is that you need and rather want to talk about the bigger picture of your project, it might be better to book a Clarity Session instead.



What's Next?

After you have ordered a Tech Clarity Call, I will send you a link to my calendar from which you can select a day and time that suits you. There’s also a little questionnaire attached. Answering these short questions will help me to prepare for the session and saves us some time, so that you don’t have to tell me everything from scratch.

After that, you will receive an automated confirmation mail with further information where we will meet online.

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