Syncing Workflows

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Syncing workflows for Butler in Trello.

The Butler commands in this workflow set have been designed to enable syncing processes between Trello cards on different boards.

Ideally, they can be used to transfer data between an individual board and a master board.

There are several features of a Trello card that could possibly be synced. The syncing workflows illustrated in this set of workflows can be used as separately, on demand. No need to use them all in every single board. Only take what you need.

Applicable on an unlimited number of Trello boards.

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Being able to sync card data between Trello boards, has been a dream of many – for a long time.

Since the rising of automation features, this is now easily possible. All you need is enabling the Butler Power-Up (and for more sophisticated workflows the Custom Fields Power-Up).

You will need to implement the commands from this workflow set that will sync the features you want to have synced in Trello.


Here is what’s included in this Syncing Workflows Kit:

S1 – Sync comments
S2 – Sync added labels
S3 – Sync removed labels

S4 – Sync moved due dates
S5 – Sync removed due dates
S6 – Sync completed due dates

S13 – Sync username added
S14 – Sync username removed

S7 – Sync named checklist added
S8 – Sync any checklist added
S9 – Sync checklist item added
S10 – Sync checklist item removed
S11 – Sync checklist item checked
S12 – Sync checklist item removed

S15 – Sync custom fields (generic)
S16 – Sync individual custom fields
S17 – Sync custom field checkbox checked
S18 – Sync custom field checkbox unchecked

The commands can be used on as many boards as you want.

If you would like to sync back and forth between two boards (bi-directionally), you will have to enable the Butler Power-Up on both boards and set up the commands accordingly.


As outlined above, the syncing workflows command set contains 18 Butler commands that can be used independently of each other.

However, there is a bonus command that I have included. The bonus command contains the missing link to sync due dates – a feature the Butler Power-Up does currently not allow.
As you can see above, S4-S6 only sync changes made to a due date. But setting a due date and syncing this across linked cards is currently not possible.

The bonus command shows you a workaround how to get this issue solved.

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