Rolling Calendar – 6 Day

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A Rolling Calendar works as a moving calendar. A predefined time frame – in this case 6 working days – is rolling in continuously, enabling you to look at the days ahead with all its tasks. Distracting calendar days (like weekends) are stripped off from view. 

The Rolling Calendar 6 Days is built with the Butler Power-Up for Trello.

It is set up with 3 features:

  • Automated Calendar Setup (continuous building & updating of the Rolling Calendar based on your preferences)
  • Housekeeping (feature that makes sure the Rolling Calendar is always up-to-date and incomplete tasks are rolled over to the next day)
  • Recurring Tasks (can be scheduled daily or periodically, like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
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This is how a Rolling Calendar setup would look like in Trello:


Snapshot Rolling Calendar 6 Board

This set of commands lets you create a sophisticated calendar application within Trello. This particular workflow set creates a 6 day weekday Rolling Calendar.



Feature Overview

  • Automated Calendar Setup – every work day a new list with a date stamp is created
  • Housekeeping – archiving completed tasks, removing bygone day-lists
  • Recurring Tasks – setting up any number of tasks/events of repetitive nature


The commands for this Rolling Calendar workflow can be quickly set up with the documentation provided. The setup is also customizable.

Recurring tasks (every Monday, every second Thursday, the last day of the month, every 3 month on the first) can be easily set up and will show up on your calendar time frame the way you defined it.


Other Calendar Setups

Not what you were looking for? If a 6 day Workday application doesn’t fit your preferences, there are other applications with alternative time frames:



You can use the commands included in this workflow to set up as many Rolling Calendars boards in Trello as you want.

How the Ordering Process Works


After purchase, you will receive a download link, both in the checkout window as well as in the confirmation mail that is sent to you immediately after the payment is processed.

The download link expires after 15 days and/or 3 attempts to download – which ever is first.

Tips for Workflow Creation in Trello


Are you new to Butler for Trello and creating workflows in Trello boards?

Would you like to learn how to create your own stunning workflows?

I have created an online course that guides you – step by step – to create your own meaningful workflows.


Butler Workshop Course


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