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Have you ever tried to copy a checklist from one card to another in Trello?

If you have, you know it’s not possible. Trello doesn’t allow such an undertaking, so using an automation tool for something that isn’t supported manually, appears to be futile.

Anyway, I found a nice workaround to copy checklists between cards. This neat workflow will do exactly that.


Have you ever tried to copy checklists from one card to another – as part of a workflow?


That’s easier said than done, since Trello doesn’t support such an act. Thus, neither the ButlerBot nor the Butler Power-Up provide such a command.


I created a workflow sequence that lets you copy checklists from recipe cards into a grocery (check-)list on another card.

If you would like to read a tutorial on this workflow first, please check out The Trick To Copy Checklists In Trello.

Note, even though this workflow isn’t set up to work across boards, if you wanted it you could make it a cross-board workflow.

Below, find a quick video tutorial that demonstrates the process of this workflow.

How this workflow was created


Some time ago, I got a question from one of my patronsasking me whether I knew a solution to copy checklists in Trello boards.

She had a meal planning board and was looking for a solution to copy checklists from recipe cards she selected at the beginning of each week, into a grocery list for that particular week.

Here’s what she asked me:

“I have a meal plan board. I have individual recipes on cards organized in lists by meal type. Each card has a checklist with ingredients.
As I decide what to make each week, I move card to a Meal Que List. 
This is what I want Butler to be able to do: 
Once a week I would like the checklists on cards in meal que list copied to an existing card named Grocery List.”


The moment I read her question, I wasn’t even aware that checklists cannot be copied over to another card. And I thought to myself, well, let’s have a look.

But I quickly figured out that the problem was by Trello’s design.

On the other hand, I totally got her use case. I found it reasonable.

Sending the ingredients needed for the week’s meals into a separate list, a grocery list, is a cool workflow. One, that screams for automation!

So, I accepted the challenge and tried to find a workaround for her.


The result is the workflow that you see in the video.

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