Clarity Session

$ 200.00


A Clarity Session is a 1:1 session by phone or video conference, in which I help small biz owners, online entrepreneurs or aspiring biz owners with all kind of question to set up or enhance their project or business.

It is a useful investment for everyone who needs help with the technical aspect or organizational structure of what they are dealing with.

A Clarity Session lasts typically 90 minutes.

If you’re already clear about what it is you need, you can also hire me to set up your system(s). In this case, a free Tech Clarity Call would be best for you to schedule.




— In a Clarity Session I provide a safe space in which you can share your issues. I will help you to clarify your points (even if you don’t have a technical vocabulary for it) and identify your needs. And I will assist you in breaking down the options you have to find real solutions for the challenges you face.


When a Clarity Session might be your next highest step:


You have an idea about what your technical infrastructure could be like, but you need some clarity and advice.

You need some sort of structure for your business, or even a system that grows with you.

You need someone to help you with making some crucial decisions. Information overwhelm leads to indecisiveness, and you know that’s an issue for you right now.

You see the need to automate (parts of) your business, but you don’t even know where to start at – and how.

 You are somewhat technology-resistant, non-tech savvy or feel challenged by technology.

 You have set up something, but it’s rather chaotic and messy and you don’t find what you’re looking for.

 Your website knowledge is pretty limited and you are spending too much time on your website without any luck.

 You can use a computer, but you don’t know how to set up a technical system – neither do you want to know.

 You feel like you are lost in a world that speaks a different language.



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