Archive Repository Board Workflow

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With the Archive Repository Board Workflow you can build a Trello board as a library of all your completed tasks – and access them at any time conveniently.

Sometimes, we need to check back on a completed task: the conversation around it, the attachments, notes we have made.

With this Archive Repository Board you can build yourself an elegant solution for an easy accessible library of accomplished tasks. Decide yourself, if you want to have a weekly or monthly list setup.

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July 2019

Setup Information

To make this workflow work, you need to use the Butler Power-Up for Trello.

For setting up the Archive Repository Board Workflow, you need at least a Trello Gold account. (Sorry, but the Butler Power-Up is too limited for free accounts; it’s not a good use for this workflow setup.


Weekly vs. Monthly Setup

The Archive Repository Board Workflow comes with two possible setups:

  • a monthly list setup, and
  • a weekly list setup.


How It Works

Completed tasks from a board are moved into the Archive Repository Board, and there either into a weekly or a monthly list.

The lists are create anew – every week or every month. Here’s how the list setup might look like:

weekly list for archive repository board workflow Trello inspirITing
monthly list for archive repository board workflow Trello inspirITing

Ideas for Expanding this Workflow

The commands contained in this set of workflows are basic commands. There are many ways how to extend the setup.

For instance, instead of a strict weekly or monthly list setup for the Archive Repository Board, you could combine the two. You could have the completed cards archived into a weekly list. But at the same time you could have a monthly list in place in which the cards from the weekly list are transferred into at the end of the week. This way, your board would look less cluttered in the long-term, but you would still be able to enjoy the benefits of seeing, what was accomplished this week.

Another variant of this workflow, is adding tracking comments: who archived the card and when, can be a precious information if you are working in a team and you would like to keep some degree of control.

You could also add the name of the board of origin to the archived card. If you have many boards that are archived away, this could make it much easier to identify where a card came from, originally.


These are ideas for you. They are currently not a part of this Archive Repository Board Workflow.


If you would like to learn how to set up meaningful workflows, I highly recommend to check out my online course for the Butler Power-Up, that teaches you in 26 tasks how to create the most fascinating and time-saving Trello workflows. You not only get a feeling of what is there you can do by implementing workflows in Trello. The course is also designed to keep your learning curve manageable and provides a safe learning environment.

Archive Repository Board Workflow | Online Course Butler Workshop

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