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Abstract is a wallpaper set with images of the most stunning and captivating geometric structures.
Each wallpaper has two semi-transparent sections to the right, that can be used as a temporary file container – for downloads, uploads, quicker access, etc.

The wallpaper images were created as productivity booster for MacBooks 15-inch screens with the multiple desktop feature in mind. But they do work with other computer types as well.

This set of Abstract wallpaper currently contains 17 professional, high-resolution images with semi-transparent boxes for your daily and weekly tasks (see demo images below). Each image is sized 1920x1080px.

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You do know you shouldn’t clutter your desktop with countless files and folders, don’t you ?

What’s included:

This set of Abstract wallpaper currently contains 17 professional, high-resolution images.
Each image is sized 1920x1080px.

(They equally work on different screen sizes, but please test this yourself with the free test wallpaper you can access here).


Besides the fact that a cluttered desktop is causing performance issues on your computer, it is really not much fun to work with. On top of that, you are wasting time with searching for files.

Using a desktop wallpaper can be an awesome strategic move to boost your productivity. The Abstract wallpaper can help you with creating the new habit of regularly clearing your desktop of unused files. The spaces on the right are to be used as a quick finder for temporarily used files and folders. Having them cleared regularly, creates a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day & week.

Using this approach, you will feel more productive when you see a clean space, organized desktop and a colorful, inspiring background image.

Abstract Productivity Wallpaper Mac inspirITing
Abstract Productivity Wallpaper Mac inspirITing
Abstract Productivity Wallpaper Mac inspirITing

Benefits of Using the Abstract Desktop Wallpaper

The multi-color spectrum of the Abstract wallpapers, along with the stunning geometrical structures bring intensity, creativity, extravagance, fascination, mystery and magic into your day. If you love abstract patterns and geometrical structures, this set of  Abstract wallpapers will be uplifting to you and trigger your creativity!


  • Use the two spaces “Things To Do Today” and “Things To Do This Week” to drop files / unfinished tasks that still need your attention today or this week
  • Make use of the “Multiple Desktop” feature on the Mac to better organize your workflow and separate different tasks by screen (i.e. one for browsing, one for writing, one with the Finder, etc.)
  • Assign different background images to each of the spaces you use ⇒ this allows to work with more comfort on a Mac and make use of your Mac’s features more efficiently
  • Significantly reduce the time of finding a file
    • Only sort files away when you really don’t need them any longer
    • Drag&drop files from the Finder into the spaces for easier access
  • Make use of color psychology by choosing color combinations that boost your spirit, inspire you or spur your creativity

How these Wallpaper Can Help You

These sets of wallpapers have different functions.

First, the wallpapers increase your productivity. They have 2 sections to the right: “Things To Do Today” and “Things To Do This Week”.
The “Things To Do Today” section will be filled first when a file is downloaded to the desktop. Now, you can either choose to keep it there a little longer, move it to the lower section “Things To Do This Week”, or store it away into your well-structured repository of files and folders. — Obviously, this upper right space on the wallpaper is meant for cleaning on a daily basis.
The second space “Things To Do This Week” allows for mid-term delays.

By using the sections to the right of the Abstract wallpapers, you can better organize your workflows, keep your focus on the tasks that need to be finished and establish a temporary “hierarchy of duties”.

Second, the wallpapers can spur your creativity. Color psychology is able bring in new impulses and inspirations – just from a quick glance at the image. Some wallpapers have an abstract theme. They display geometrical figures or abstract art work that taps into unused neural networks in your brain, enhancing your ability to find new solutions when you enter that space of mental emptiness whilst looking at them.


Here are some of the 17 images currently contained in this wallpaper set:

Abstract wallpaper productivity booster inspirITing

Using Several Images


When working on a Mac, you can make use of the “Multiple Desktop” feature, with which you can set up several screens and easily switch between them.

You can use a different image on each of these screens – either for fun or to differentiate between working spaces.

How to move between screens:

It is important that you learn to move quickly between them to make better use of your work time and not delay too much each time you want to move from one to the other. There are 3 ways how to move between screens:

  • Swipe with your fingers
    • Trackpad: three fingers to the left or to the right, depending on the direction in which the particular desktop is located
    • Magic Mouse: use only two fingers to perform the movement
  • Keyboard: You can also move between spaces quickly with the keyboard. Press the Control key and then the left or right arrow and you will go from one desktop to another in a moment.
  • Mission Control: Open Mission Control and click the desktop you want to open

Assign applications to desktops:

Once you have your desktops created and customized, to use applications in each of them all you have to do is place yourself in the space where you want to work and open the program through the Dock or the Applications folder.

When you open the app, you have the possibility to assign it to the different desktops using the quick menu, which is displayed by clicking the Dock icon with the right mouse button. Then, place the cursor over the Options heading and select the specific space in the Assign To section.

Multiple Desktop Feature


The Multiple Desktop Feature is available on Macs.

Advantages of the multiple desktop feature:

  • better organize your workflow, by allowing you to do things like research on one desktop, while writing on another
  • you can add as many desktops as you like by clicking the “+”-button (see image below)
  • 3 easy ways to switch between desktops:
    • swipe with your fingers
    • open Mission Control
    • use the keyboard Control key + left/right arrow

How the Ordering Process Works


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The download link expires after 15 days and/or 3 attempts to download – which ever is first.

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