Books and eBooks are some of the most essential helpers we all use in and for our businesses today. They can be either supportive or way-showing, bringing ideas across that help to set up a stronger business.

The books I am offering on my website inspirITing, are aimed to help online entrepreneurs with the various technical peculiarities an online business comes with. Its focus is always somewhat on technology, but from different angles.

Setting up a website for the first time, for instance, can be a frightening experience because its learning curve is steep. Having the right books at hand that help to significantly lower this learning curve, makes the journey more enjoyable. Of course, one could always browse the web and look for the right information there. But being able to find the essential information in one place is valuable and can save a lot of time.

The same is true for the difficulties of professionally organizing a business. There is no right or wrong, there are just a thousand possible ways to achieve things. My hope is that the books I am offering here for download, will lower the workload that’s on your shoulder and be also a helpful companion when you have to solve tricky tech issues or find a solution.

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