Nobody is immune to a good advice. A consultation or coaching from someone outside a person’s reality bubble, can bring astonishing ideas or revelations on how to move forward. That’s what a consultation with inspirITing might be like for your business, too.

Everybody has a different gift to bring to the world.

One of my gifts is that I can help people to understand their options when it comes to the use of technology in their business. I assist them in putting the pieces of their puzzle together.

I am able to offer consultations & coaching that provide an orientation for the less tech-inclined business owners to get started – or to move forward.

Being aware of the mainstream approaches does not mean that I necessarily follow them. More often than not, I find unique ways to solve a problem – because I am mindful of patterns where others simply see complexity.

When you consult with me, I will help you to clarify your points that you might not even have had a technical vocabulary for.

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