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In part 1 of this article series I discussed Trello hacks and workflows that take place across boards. This article covers in-board workflows and applications for Trello boards many user have a need for, but are stopped by Trello’s approach of less is more.

So, if you are interested to learn how to move cards between boards, build dashboard applications or basically creating some kind of interactions between two or more Trello boards, please check out Part 1 of this article series.


This article discusses smart solutions for in-board workflows in Trello. It’s a varied collection of workflow ideas, Trello Power-Ups features, Chrome extensions features or lesser know 3rd party tools. – If you have developed something yourself or know a handy trick that you think should definitely be a part of this collection, please scroll to the bottom of the page and let me know!

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In-Board Workflows & Trello Hacks

Here’s an overview of the in-board workflows & Trello hacks compiled in this article:

1 – Toggling the Labels
2 – Automated Due Date Setting
3 – Export Trello Data into a Spreadsheet
4 – How to Create a Checklist with all Cards from a Given List
5 – How to Print a List from a Trello Board
6 – How to Create a Table in a Trello Card
7 – Arranging Lists in Trello in a Vertical or Grid Fashion
8 – Expanding the Comment Formatting Options
9 – Printing Cards

1 – Toggling the Labels


That’s something I hear quite regularly:
Out of the blue … people cannot see their label’s names anymore. The label colors are there, but the label is minified and the names disappeared.

What probably happened, that they accidentally “toggled” the label names.

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in a Trello board. For toggling the labels, one would have to press “;” (semicolon).

Here’s a list of all of Trello’s keyboard shortcuts currently available.

Want to know more about the best features to use in Trello?  Organize your Business with these 18 Trello Features

2 – Automated Due Date Setting


This command – created with the Butler Power-Up – sets the card due on the date that is found in the card’s title.

This is a nice hack particularly for cards that are emailed into a board. Simply add a date into the subject line of the email (which becomes the card’s title) and the card is set due on that date.


in-board workflows Trello hacks inspirITing

Need some inspiration for new workflows?
Check out this article: 11 Little Genius Hacks that Tame your Trello Chaos

3 – Export Trello Data into a Spreadsheet


Have you ever had the desire to export a board’s data?
Every Trello user can export a board into JSON. Unfortunately, not everybody knows what to do with this format. Being able to export a board’s data into a spreadsheet would be just so much more convenient, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a method for everyone. And it’s free!

Enable the Booklet by Vince Power-Up on the Trello board you want to create a data export from.

From within the Power-Up, you can export the entire board or selected lists into an Excel file or a Markdown file.


P.S. The Booklet by Vince Power-Up has a few other nice features worth to check out!

4 – How to Create a Checklist with all Cards from a Given List


You would love to have a checklist with the names of all your cards on a particular list?

This can be easily achieved with the help of the Butler Power-Up.

First, you have to think of a trigger for creating the list. This could be a time of the day (like 6am), or it could be something like adding a label to any of the cards in this list.

For this example, I have chosen the label option. Here’s the command that would create a checklist with all the cards in the list as checklist items:


trello hacks in-board workflows list of cards inspirITing


Never forget that you can hone all these command suggestions to your style and level of desired complexity. If you would like to dive into the art of workflow creation, make sure to check out my workshop & online course for the Butler Power-Up! This course is perfect to learn that new skill and understand the many options awaiting you!

Or maybe, you are looking for other interesting use cases for workflows with checklists in Trello? – Read my post Creating Workflows in Trello that Involve Checklists.

5 – How To Print a List from a Trello Board


It’s been a demand by many people for a long time: being able to create a printout of cards in a certain list – or even the whole board.

I recently found a solution that was working really well and it shouldn’t be held back from those with this demand.

Here are your steps for this nice in-board workflow:

  1. In the board of your choice, click Show Menu & More and select Print and Export
  2. Export as JSON
  3. Copy the JSON to the clipboard
  4. Go to and paste the JSON in the space provided in Step 1
print Trello inspirITing


Follow the instructions of the site.

The process is fairly easy and you can choose whether you want to have just one list printed, several lists or all lists of this board.

The outcome is clean and clear and can easily printed in PDF or physically.

6 – How To Create a Table in a Trello Card


Most Trello users are aware that they can use Markdown in comments in Trello for formatting text and to improve the readability of what is written there, e.g.:

  • * for italic accentuation of texts, or
  • ** for bold accentuation of texts.

There are also lists, headers or links that can be formatted with Markdown – just to name a few.

What Trello’s Markdown cannot do is adding tables.

Luckily, for that you can use a Chrome extension. Trello Table Markdown is a new Chrome extension lets you create tables in card description and comments

in-board workflows Trello Table Markdown inspirITing

Source: Chrome Web Store

7 – Arranging Lists in Trello in a Vertical or Grid Fashion


Ever wondered whether arranging lists in a Trello board could be done vertically?

With the Chrome extension List Layouts for Trello, you can make good use of a large portrait screen. This tool allows you to arrange Trello lists in 3 different layouts: horizontally, vertically, or in a grid.

Source: Chrome Web Store

Source: Chrome Web Store

8 – Expanding the Comment Formatting Options


In comments in Trello you can use Markdown to format the written text.
However, if you do a lot of structured note-taking (or expect your team members to do), you’ll quickly hit the limit. Markdown is better than nothing, but in the long-haul it’s rather cumbersome.

There seem to be Power-Ups for almost everything today! The Advanced Comments by AJ, might be your savior if you are struggling with the options for comment formatting, too.

Source: Trello Power-Up Repository


This free Power-Up allows you to edit Trello card comments with the ease and comfort of a real note-taking application:

  • a full screen editor, for more focus / less distractions
  • WYSIWYG editing (visible formatting)
  • outliner-like indentation of bullet points
  • prevents you from accidentally aborting changes without saving

9 – Printing Cards


Above, I introduced a nice tool that lets you print all cards in a list. What if you are having a card with many comments or long comments, and need a printout of these?

No, there isn’t a Trello feature for that, but another Power-Up that does the job pretty well.

Let me introduce the Agile cards – print your board Power-Up!

Source: Trello Power-Up Repository


With this free Power-Up, you can print Trello cards in 3 different formats: compact cards, board cards or full page cards.

The look of the card can be customized and you can also change the size of elements on the printout.

10 – XXX

// ???

Do you know of some other interesting hacks or workflow ideas that should be published on this site? – Let me know!

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