Inspirational Tweet-Board

I have chosen Trello as storage board, because I love how easy and how flexible Trello is to use. You can easily make adjustments, set deadlines, add links and pictures, sort as you like; copy, move and duplicate your cards and extend content & meaning as you desire. In addition, you can customize it with beautiful backgrounds.

What is an Inspirational Tweet-Board?

Basically, an Inspirational tweet-board is a collection of Tweets that – once upon a time – you had favorited. You liked these tweets, whether for its informational, inspirational, motivational or its aesthetic content. You marked them as a “favorite” because they were special to you in some ways.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have these specials collected and stored in some place, nicely arranged and structured, easily accessible and always available for reference and inspirational purposes?

When I started building up my collections, I had no idea into what useful and beautiful collection it would turn out to be one day. Today, I browse it regularly and let myself be inspired by it. I just love it.
The best thing about it is the creativity and inspiration it can unlock in you.
But I am sure you will also appreciate, that for creating this inspirational board you can use tools that are totally free of charge.
You will have to register for a few services, but all of them are completely free to use. Here are some of the web-services you need to register an account with:

If you haven’t done so, go ahead and register a free account with all of them.

IFTTT is the centerpiece of this automation

IFTTT is a service that monitors accounts. It connects different applications together through simple conditional statements by using the so-called ‘recipes’.
IFTTT stands for If-This-Then-That, meaning as soon as a pre-defined trigger is being observed from a person’s user account; it will perform the user pre-defined action in its recipe.

IFTTT offers to make connections through ‘channels’. This is the terminology they use for web services or applications. Examples are Dropbox, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They offer over 100 channels, and have set its primary focus on consumer-oriented services or applications that connect smart devices to the Internet. However, they also offer connections to mainstream tools, in addition they are totally free to use, so that makes them usable for everyone.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

After you’ve had all your four accounts set up, you log into IFTTT.
In another browser tab, log into your Trello account and create a new board. You can call it whatever you like, and you can also rename it any time you wish. The board’s name is not crucial for this process.

Here you will find a (very long) email address that is unique to your chosen board.
This is an incredible useful feature here, as it allows you to send emails to this address, which automatically will create a card in your board.
Unique Board Email Address

(As mentioned before, you can rename the board any time without influencing this process’ working. But if you change the unique board’s email address you will have to adjust this automated recipe also).
We will be making use of exactly this feature soon.
Now, move back to your previously opened IFTTT-account.

Connecting channels in IFTTT

First, you want to connect your IFTTT to the Twitter-channel and the Gmail-channel.

When activating a channel, you will have to provide the password so that the API (the technology in the background that connects two applications to each other) can regularly check its triggers.
Enter your ID’s and passwords for both channels. IFTTT’s API will verify when a successful connection has been made.

Connecting Twitter & IFTTT

Now you want to set up a recipe that is triggered every time a tweet is being favored by you.
In the IFTTT-Menu click on My Recipes and there on the button to Create A Recipe.

The Recipe startup-screen appears.

Step1: Choose A Trigger-Channel

Click on this and choose Twitter as the trigger-channel.

Step 2: Choose The Trigger

At the time of writing this, IFTTT offers 10 different triggers for Twitter. For our purpose you will want to choose new favorite tweet by you.

Step 3: Complete Trigger Fields

There are no other restrictions to be made here, so the system will skip this step.


Step 4: Choose An Action Channel

Click on that and choose Gmail as your action channel.

Step 5: Choose An Action

You get only one possible action here: Send an email.

Step 6: Complete Action Fields

Here you can configure to which address (es) the email is to be sent and what the subject line and body information will contain.

Switch back into the Trello-Tab and copy your board’s unique email address and paste it into the field for the To address.

Note: When setting up this automation rule, you explicitly tell the system into which board and into which list you wish to transfer your incoming content. The selection for the board is determined by the board’s unique email address. The selection for the list you can determine also. Simply click on the list’s button and choose the list you prefer. If you don’t choose anything it will be sent to the first list on your board. You can also select whether you want your incoming tweets positioned at the bottom or at the top of the list.
Cards Appear In List

In the subject line you are free to type some custom text that makes sense to you and also add one of the parameters. When you click into the field, a parameter selection opens up and offers you a limited source of pre-configured parameters. You can choose here between Text, Username, LinkToTweet, FirstLinkURL, CreatedAt and TweetEmbedCode.
Feel free to experiment with this.
But be aware that if you insert the TweetEmbedCode into the subject line the card’s title will be blown up – because the text in the subject line will automatically become your card’s title.
Here’s how I have configured mine:
“New favorited Tweet tagged on” plus a custom parameter to add a date stamp to this tweet.
IFTTT has pre-configured the body‘s text already. You can keep it this way or do some changes as you like.
So, that’s it already! Save your recipe and give it a try.

Login to Twitter, find some tweet you like and favor it.
It might need a minute or two until it appears in your Trello-Board.

Customizing Your Inspirational Tweet-Board

Because of the random nature of the tweets I favor, I have many lists in my Inspirational Board. I sort it by topics, projects, ideas-to-follow, and so on.
This individualization takes a bit of time – occasionally.
Not only do I remove the date stamp from the card’s title and change it into something more meaningful, I sometimes also link it manually to its original source or include an illustration if it’s particularly useful.
That helps my board to become alive, and when I review it later I know immediately what this entry is about.
Hope this helps a lot.

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How do you collect your favorite tweets? Share them with us in the comments below!



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