In the beginning stages of my writing practice, I often struggled with writing better and quicker content. It was frustrating to no end when I needed 3 days (or even more) to write one good article. (One. Uno. Just one.) I mean … it’s not that I had nothing else to do.

Writing tips you should know about

Earlier this year I attended B-School, the online business school for entrepreneurs: created by Marie Forleo. It was a pretty awesome experience, and maybe I’ll talk about it more in another post.

The point is, when I became aware of B-School’s existence, I also learned about Marie Forleo’s existence and most importantly, about her work.
She spreads her wisdom in weekly video blogs – in a smart, insightful, and often hilarious way. Quite regularly, I browse her categories to get her take on a topic I am brooding over. Watching her video episodes leaves me either in states of cheerfulness, inspiration, and comfort – or in astonishment. She does understand how to serve nuggets of wisdom.

8 insights on how to write better and quicker content

In today’s article, I am sharing with you eight insights from Marie on how to write better and quicker content for your website.

  1. Flip your script – Take a look at your internal dialog before you do anything and really look at the story you are telling yourself about the things you want to change.
  2. Begin with the end in mind – What is it that you want your readers to walk away with? What action, if any, do you want them to take? Then you have to reverse-engineer your content to get them there.
  3. Keep a topic list – How can you organize all of your ideas in one place so you can write faster.
  4. Make it short & sweet – High quality content does not mean long content. Sometimes, the best way to serve your audience is to make it short and sweet. Nobody is going to not read your content because it is too short.
  5. Plan it out – This is why you need to stop everything and create an editorial calendar before writing another word.
  6. Don’t write and edit at the same time – Don’t edit as you go because it only slows you down.
  7. Work expands to the time allotted – If you want to write faster, you need to set a time limit.
  8. Be the vessel, not the source – Allow quality content to come through you and take the pressure off yourself by realizing you’re not doing this alone.

Which of these eight strategies sound familiar to you?

Please also watch Marie’s video on this topic. She has a knack on presenting material in a fun and entertaining way. You will not regret it. I promise.

Over to you

What are your particular challenges in the writing journey? Did you ever get stopped by one of the traps and got frustrated? Please share them with us in the comment section below, so that others can understand that we are all on similar journeys, and nobody is doomed to fail.

I hope you can make good use of these approaches on how to create better and quicker content, and it will serve you well. Are you aware that there are also many tools that can help you in your creative creation process? If so, do you use any of them to make your work more efficient?

Just a little reminder:

Effectiveness is goal orientation and efficiency is doing things in an economical way, process-oriented.

In the Business Tool Clarity Sessions I am offering, I provide entrepreneurs like you with valuable insights on how to set up a solid technical infrastructure for particular tasks or even for your whole business. Whether it is a coordination of tools to set up automated processes and reduce your work load, or it is putting together pieces of your personal puzzle on what systems would work best for your business, I’d love to share my knowledge with you on how to move forward gracefully and easily, and set up your systems in a clear and reliable way. If you are interested, please get in touch with me.


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