You might have wondered whether there is a tool that lets you engage with your audience. – I mean, really? Is there such thing? Isn’t it rather that engagement with your tribe is done on a personal basis?

— Well, yes and no.
No, because in the Internet age we are all more or less hidden behind a computer screen.
And yes, because anonymous, computer-generated copy just doesn’t cut it. If you want to write enticing articles, articles that really connect with your readers, you’ve got to acquire the skill to weave words and figure out what your readers are most interested in, what they most struggle with, or maybe what they have the greatest fun with.

Today I want to introduce a tool to you that helps you to engage with your audience. It got the characteristic name Interact.


* Note: Some of the links I am providing here are affiliate links. When you purchase something with any of these links, I will earn a commission. Should you do so, thank you very much!

Whilst the tool helps you to engage in different ways, which I will point out shortly; the way how you interact, is completely dependent on your personal style.

engage with your audience

3 Promising Ways To Engage With Your Audience

Interacting with an audience is often easier said than done.

There’s quite some hype about using the best copy or trying to catch email addresses of anybody who visits a site.

When I come to a website that greets me with a ‘doormat’ and then throws popups after me, I quickly lose interest and move on. I don’t like that at all. It’s my conscious decision that I do not do that with my visitors. When I setup offers, I do my best to give something of real value and do it in a respectful way. Opt-Ins are not an engagement tool. They’re a promise in the future. You provide your email address, and I might deliver something valuable to you in the future.


Interact is a tool that lets you engage with your audience. The options you get with this tool allow you to interact with your tribe in 3 different ways: with quizzes, with polls or with giveaways. Today I want to share with you how you can use these 3-in-1 tools for the success of your own business. Let’s have a closer look at the three interactive elements that Interact offers.


Quizzes are a low-barrier interaction element. With a quiz, you give your visitor an opportunity to learn something or to check their understanding. Plus, if they are shareable by email or social media, the quiz can quickly reach a wider audience, even go viral and give you some traction.

You can even use it as a lead magnet, and add a bunch of new people to your mailing list. Reading Interact’s blog, you find some impressive examples of business owners, who have tripled their email list or significantly grew their leads – by a well-thought quiz.

Other use cases for quizzes are the promotion of a product (aka “How well do you know …?”), for instance, or testing a visitor’s knowledge about a topic to later recommend a course, eBook or email course you offer. There are many possibilities you could do with a quiz! Beyond that, however, Interact is now well known that is can rapidly grow your email subscriber lists.

engage with your audience

Giveaways are an excellent way to build your email lists and get more social shares at the same time. There’s a lot of potential behind promoting social interactions. The giveaway tool from Interact can be shared on websites, in email newsletters and even on Facebook (for free)!


Polls are the newest interactive element that has been rolled out from the creators of Interact.

Basically, there are two kinds of polls you could create: a grid poll and a list poll.


engage with your audience

The grid poll is best when you don’t have too many poll options (6 is a good benchmark), and each option is best represented by a picture. The list poll would be more appropriate if you have lots of poll options.
In both poll versions, you can allow people to select multiple options at once.


Let’s talk a minute about practical use cases for a poll.
A good example for a poll might be that you ask your audience at which development stage of their business they are at – and give them a bunch of options. Or, you could find out what they have the biggest issues with (wrap it around your competencies!).

Just like the other two interactive elements, a poll can be implemented in a campaign in your email marketing tool. No need to insert a link. Even though you could.
Simply embed the code in the mailing. It’s convenient and quick for your readers, and your conversion rates could go through the roof!

3 Great Features I Love About Interact

I wouldn’t promote Interact if I weren’t convinced of the value it provides for entrepreneurs. So, let’s get familiar with the features I am most fond of.

FEATURE 1: Make Use of Hundreds of Templates

On their website, you find dozens of quiz examples from big or small companies and all kind of industry sectors. When you create an account with Interact, you’ll find even a bigger selection in the freely accessible library.


engage with your audience templates interact

You are free to use these templates and only adjust some of the questions in there. Or, you can create a new quiz, giveaway or poll from scratch.

engage with your audience

I was amazed at the diversity of different quizzes that you can browse through! But I also enjoyed setting up a new quiz tailored for my audience. The customization features are awesome!


You can customize almost everything:

background color, font color, button color.

You can add a background image, choose from more than 600 Google Fonts, and even brand it with your business logo!


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FEATURE 2: Insert in Websites and Emails

Being able to add an interactive element like a quiz or poll to my WordPress website – is not negotiable for me. And of course, it should fit in the style of the website. I wouldn’t want to see any edges, misalignment or lines that don’t belong there. I want external website elements to fit into the design of the website.

With Interact I got that. Perfectly.
You can take an embed code or an iFrame code, define its size and responsiveness, and add it to any WordPress site. Alternatively, there’s a plugin that helps you do it, though it wasn’t necessary for me as I am working with the beautiful Divi Theme. It takes care of code additions, and I don’t need to worry about that.

Alternatively, if you run your website with Squarespace or Weebly, you can also use the 3 tools Interact provides. Even with LeadPages, it does work!

I have no serious doubts that it wouldn’t work with any other website builders. Using the iFrame embed code works exactly like a YouTube video embed code. On the other hand, if a website builder isn’t able to embed iFrames, its technology is not competitive anyway and you better find a way to update your website platform and make a switch.

The other option I am most grateful for is being able to embed the interactive element into my email newsletter. That was new to me, and it was fantastic news! The newsletter content can be spruced up – hello!! I have so many ideas what I could possibly do with that, I might write an entirely new article about it! 🙂


FEATURE 3: Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

Now, the analytics feature is only available with some of the paid plans. (I’ll talk about the plans in a minute).
With the real-time analytics, you can see aggregated audience data for each quiz, poll or giveaway, as well as corresponding graphs.

With the in-depth analytics feature you can see exactly who is taking your quizzes and polls and sharing your giveaways. And you see how people are responding to single questions. That’s perfect to test whether you are asking the right questions.

I usually say this about website analytics, but it is just as valid here:
“Having a website without analytics is like playing darts with your eyes closed!”


engage with your audience

Automate & Integrate with Interact

When I make a recommendation in terms of choosing a tool, I usually say “Stick with the products that already talk to each other.” We are only at the beginning of the automation age. Choose your tools wisely today – and you will benefit tomorrow! Everybody will have to think about automating business processes. And this will be much, much easier when you have chosen a set of “talkative” tools. Standalone versions will not help you much with getting your work done faster.

Interact integrates with most of the well-known email marketing tools, e.g., MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, GetResponse, MailerLite, Experian, Klaviyo, MadMimi, SendGrid and more.

On top of that, it offers a connection to Zapier. With Zapier the possibilities appear to be endless. You can theoretically connect Zapier to 500+ different tools.
Using Interact in conjunction with Zapier, I could think of a possible integration to add new leads from a quiz, poll or giveaway to your CRM. Or, to a GoogleSheet, and use it for other purposes from there. There are truly many things you could do.

engage with your audience

Pricing Plans

Okay, let’s talk about Interact’s pricing plans.

There’s a plan for everyone’s needs. If you are just getting your feet wet, you’ll probably choose a Free Plan. With the free plan you can create unlimited quizzes, giveaways, and polls with an unlimited amount of completions. You are free to customize your interactive elements the way you want, but limitations apply with the more advanced features. Collecting addresses, branding a quiz with your logo or integrating it into an email campaign are reserved for paid accounts. The same is true for the analytics feature.

With the Lite Plan you can collect email addresses, but are limited to the collection of up to 60’000 email leads per year. The basic email integrations would also be to your availability.

The Growth Plan would allow you to collect up to 120’000 email leads per year and gives you access to automation top-scorers, like Hubspot, Infusionsoft or Ontraport. Consultants and small businesses may appreciate these options the most.


Try Interact Yourself Now !


The Pro Plan gives you all features with no limitations at all. It’s targeted for Agencies and Marketing Teams, and you can add some of the more advanced integrations like Eloqua, Marketo or Pardot.

For each paid plan there’s a 7 free day trial available. For a more detailed and up-to-date overview of their pricing plans, check out Interact’s pricing site.

engage with your audience
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