How aware are you that you can significantly reduce a business’ messiness, by making clever use of technology? Or, do you need a good reason to use technology?


The different technology setups for your business

Decisions regarding which technology to use are just one aspect of many you have to face when becoming an entrepreneur. Books about entrepreneurship fill every library in the world, so I don’t want to bore you here with that. Rather, I will specialize on making smart use of technology when starting and running a business, so please allow me to point out a few insights:

There are 3 main technology setups that apply to a business and require attention from you.

  • The first is the basic technology setup. That is what gets you to work, it’s the use of a computer or some mobile device, a printer and maybe a backup hard drive. The basic setting.
  • The second is the public technology setup. This is what lets you get seen, it’s the technology you make use of when interacting with the public. These are things like your website, collaboration platforms or applications for sharing your work on social media.
  • The third is the working technology setup. This is the setup that gets your work done – efficiently. They are tools that help you to reduce your workload, liberate you from tedious, repetitive tasks and support you in running a sustainable business.

“Efficiency is doing things in an economical way, process-oriented.”

Do you really need a good Reason to use Technology?

Yes, I know, technology can be frustrating, overwhelming and disorienting.

When using a new tech application doesn’t seem logical to you, and when you get some strange interactions or results with that new tool and just want to run off – you are certainly not alone. The impulse of just wanting to run away when something goes wrong is innately human.
I understand that.
At some point in my journey, I have been there too. It’s somewhat natural to go into resistance.

These are all reasons, but none of them is a good one to not make use of technology.
If you are reading this, I know you are making at least use of the first setup: the basic technology setup.

Whether you are running your business as a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, chances are you do not have an IT-department that can alleviate you from the pain of taking care of technology and its best utilization. So, how do you deal with that?

Have you ever thought about the necessity of taking responsibility for your technical needs? Or are you applying digital carelessness and putting these topics on the back burner?

Being an entrepreneur means constantly learning. Entrepreneurs don’t need to know everything about business before they start. What they do need are the first few steps and where to find the next steps. There aren’t any standard answers on how to best move forward.

From those 3 technology setups mentioned above, the latter two will simultaneously be on your list for a while. Even though you may be hesitant about getting warm with technology, I do recommend you take some baby steps. Commit yourself to getting better every day and find some help, if you need to.

If you are applying some of the technologies that helped you to run your business with grace and efficiency, I applaud you. You already have experienced the beauty of interconnected applications that lift off some unnecessary tasks from your schedule.

“A growing business that relies totally on its owner is not sustainable.”

Let me know in the comment section below, how you experienced this process! Did or do you have a hard time getting to know the right tools? What has helped you along the way? Please share with us, so that other entrepreneurs can learn from your experience too.

Every business and every entrepreneur is at a different stage. This makes it impossible to advice a tool that is a right fit for all. I know a lot of tools and I am constantly amazed at what gets developed and becomes available. Every month, I am discovering a few gems that I would love to share with you in my Business Tool Clarity Session. These are sessions in which I help entrepreneurs understand which tools would be a good option to employ for the tasks they are facing. At other times, I help them to put the pieces of their personal puzzle together and help them to understand how the second and third technology setup would work in the most reliable way for them. I’d love to help you too, should you decide to take responsibility for your technological needs. If so, get in touch with me. I will do my best to find great options for your individual setting.

“Being willing and open to learn will make the difference between success and failure.”


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