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Dealing With a Techie – What You Need to Know

How do you talk to a techie, when you are not best friends with anything techy? Many software vendors offer help and customer support to get technical issues of their clients solved. But for many non tech-savvy folks this is the first hurdle. Get some first class advice how to approach a techie for support, how to deal with frustrations and how to prepare yourself for dealing with a tech support staff personally.

A Security Strategy for Small Business Owners

Security for data and website is perceived as a demanding task master. Nevertheless, taking security precautions is not that hard when you know what to watch out for. By applying appropriate precautions with a security strategy, every business owner can take significant steps to protect their projects, business and income basis.

How To Get Your Business In Shape: Update Your Technology

A solid technological infrastructure is imperative to businesses that are just starting up, as well as small businesses that are already established. This is why building a solid technological infrastructure requires your full attention. – There are basically two approaches of setting up your technological infrastructure. In this article I share some good strategies and sources for this task.

Embracing Technology Is Not A Bad Idea At All

In the second part of this “getting started” tutorial I help you to understand why creating outstanding content for your business site is much more important than technical considerations. I teach you the essentials on good design for your website, and also help you to make a decision in regards which platform to choose.

How To Get Started With Your Business

You aren’t much of a techie. But you are quite clear on what you want to do … but don’t have much of a clue on how to get started?
This article doesn’t deal so much with the technical intricacies when you want to start and don’t know how, it rather reveals some of the (side-) steps you have to take before you actually can start running.

Your First Tech-Steps When Starting A Business

Before starting your own business project, more likely than not, you have found yourself immersed in a period of idea twisting and brainstorming. You are or were confronted with this insidious wave of ‘too-much’ that targets one when challenges roll in. For every entrepreneur with serious commitments, it is inevitable to have a clean and clear structure on how to organize information, so that you and your business can make the impact you anticipate and the world needs.

How To Choose The Right Tools For You

Using the right tools is probably crucial for building, running and improving a small business. But finding the most appropriate tools requires lots of time for research and testing.
Every business is unique and needs different sets of tools. Also every business owner is unique and will experience biases and reluctances towards certain tools. The big question is; how will you find YOUR tools then?

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