3 Tools For Professional Office Work

Sometimes the standard office programs just don’t do it. Organizing work in remote offices or finding the right tool for special tasks can hinder productivity for a business. The tools I am introducing for professional office work have the potential to completely change the way you work.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

There is so much to learn upon embarking on the website journey. If you want to use WordPress, but aren’t very familiar with the topic of themes, you will learn a lot here. What a theme is, why it can be cumbersome to change a theme, what to look out for when you purchase a theme or reflections on the differences between free and premium themes will be invaluable knowledge for you.

Finding The Right Platform For Your Website

Deciding on which website platform to use requires a lot of information – qualified information. There are just so many possibilities today, and you really need to know where you want to go with your website. In this first part of the series I am talking about the two main roads an entrepreneur can go when having to set up a website.

Embracing Technology Is Not A Bad Idea At All

In the second part of this “getting started” tutorial I help you to understand why creating outstanding content for your business site is much more important than technical considerations. I teach you the essentials on good design for your website, and also help you to make a decision in regards which platform to choose.

How To Get Started With Your Business

You aren’t much of a techie. But you are quite clear on what you want to do … but don’t have much of a clue on how to get started?
This article doesn’t deal so much with the technical intricacies when you want to start and don’t know how, it rather reveals some of the (side-) steps you have to take before you actually can start running.

Your First Tech-Steps When Starting A Business

Before starting your own business project, more likely than not, you have found yourself immersed in a period of idea twisting and brainstorming. You are or were confronted with this insidious wave of ‘too-much’ that targets one when challenges roll in. For every entrepreneur with serious commitments, it is inevitable to have a clean and clear structure on how to organize information, so that you and your business can make the impact you anticipate and the world needs.

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