Don’t Let Them Take You Down

As online entrepreneurs who offer digital products, we sometimes get confronted with people who are trying to abuse our work. This is my story – in full transparency – of dealing with a customer who was trying take down my work.

11 Tools for Confidentiality In Business

For a small business owner, security is often not the first thought until their website is hacked or a computer dies. A significant amount of missing data will leave a big black hole, and can put an entrepreneur in a tailspin. With this blog post I am introducing a set of useful tools for businesses that help to maintain healthy and secure boundaries in a business’s every day interactions.

A Multi-Level Strategy For Creating Safe Passwords

Everybody needs a lot of passwords nowadays, but not many of these passwords do really reflect that this is an issue that should be taken seriously. – In this article I am introducing a 3-level security strategy that I am applying to my passwords. It helps me to reduce the amount of hard-to-remember passwords to a minimum, but still provide a big diversity and complexity to all passwords I use.

Why I Do Not Use Facebook For My Business

It seems to be a matter of course that businesses, particularly online businesses, need to use Facebook to find the audience for their products. Over time, I came to question the manner Facebook comes across, changes rules and forces its members to align with. For my online business I decided that I am not going to use Facebook.

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