How to Use Butler for Trello to Increase your Productivity

Ever wondered how you can assign automatic prompts and actions to your cards and lists in Trello? – Trello is a fantastic tool, but it is lacking some automation features. Tracking tasks and running chores wasn’t possible until now. But with Butler for Trello, this is now possible. This article is the first part of a series about automating tedious Trello tasks and creating beautiful solutions for Trello boards for every online entrepreneur.

Setting up an SSL Certificate – Best Practices & Tips

Setting up an SSL certificate has never been easier and more necessary than it is today. Even if your website has only a simple contact form, you are basically forced to switch to HTTPS or risk a loss in your online reputation. In this article I am sharing best practices, helpful tips and a few tools for troubleshooting.

Why Your Website Should Switch From HTTP to HTTPS Now

Not only your business, but also your business website has a reputation to lose. When you switch from http to https, both your website and your business will benefit, because you reduce the vulnerability that persists if you stick to the status quo. Learn in this article, why it isn’t a good idea to keep everything as it is and what you can do to add an additional layer of security to your website.

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How To Build a Microsite – Features, Tools & Guidelines

Whether you want to use the classical or the more unconventional approach to build a microsite, there are a few things you always should keep in mind. This article points out some of the not-to-be-missed guidelines, as well as popular and useful tools for building a microsite.

Updating your Website’s Sitemap – What you Need to Know

Owning a website requires some housekeeping from time to time. Updating your website’s sitemap is one of those maintenance tasks that can be easily done. In this article I talk about what sitemaps are, why it’s beneficial to keep them up-to-date, and how to create and submit sitemaps properly

11 Tools for Confidentiality In Business

For a small business owner, security is often not the first thought until their website is hacked or a computer dies. A significant amount of missing data will leave a big black hole, and can put an entrepreneur in a tailspin. With this blog post I am introducing a set of useful tools for businesses that help to maintain healthy and secure boundaries in a business’s every day interactions.

A Security Strategy for Small Business Owners

Security for data and website is perceived as a demanding task master. Nevertheless, taking security precautions is not that hard when you know what to watch out for. By applying appropriate precautions with a security strategy, every business owner can take significant steps to protect their projects, business and income basis.

How to Choose the Right Platform for a Website

How to get started with the website is the first thing your thoughts are revolving around. So in this article we first cover the issue which features your website needs, and then what platform will be of best use.

Does your File Organization Support your Business’ Success?

When starting your business, in a relatively short time frame, there will be hundreds of tasks coming your way. Most of them will be much more important than learning how to use a file management system. However, having some kind of system already in place that lets you move forward with grace and ease would be extremely beneficial.

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