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Are You Neglecting Security On Your Website?

I recently noticed a client totally neglecting security issues with their website. I was contacted by someone who had a WordPress website in place that needed a re-design, and the website hadn’t been updated for two or three years. When I heard that, I was shocked. This client had not spent any thought ever about website security and was completely oblivious about this matter.

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When Working Efficiently Is Non-Negotiable

Getting organized and finding ways to deal with the information overload is a top challenge for each and everyone of us. A rather pragmatic way to deal with all the daily tasks is using a calendar that is able to connect with various other tools and that can integrate information to lighten the burden of self-organization.

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Using Automation To Your Advantage

As a coach or therapist you would love a system where your clients can go and schedule appointments, and that tracks your hours and creates invoices on its own. – But how do you set up such a system and what is there to be considered?

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Can I Really Trust The Cloud?

When your computer’s hard drive runs out of space, you are forced to ponder your options. Moving your data into the cloud is one option? But is it a good one?

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How To Add A Subscription Form On Weebly

When you run an online business you want to place one (or more) subscription form(s) on your homepage to get (and stay) in touch with your prospects and clients. With a website on Weebly you need a little workaround to add such a form. Find out how to that in this tutorial.

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Do You Really Need A Good Reason To Use Technology?

Are you applying digital carelessness to your business’ technical infrastructure? Learn about the 3 main technology setups each online business faces and why you should take steps to get a solid technological foundation for your business.

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What To Do When Blog Title Confusion Hits You

I bet you have come across some blog posts whose titles made you click immediately. Now as you are sitting there and pondering about your next headline, you wish you could come up with something similarly intriguing. – Let me help you in this article to find some new ways how to achieve exactly that.

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