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How to Choose the Right Platform for a Website

How to get started with the website is the first thing your thoughts are revolving around. So in this article we first cover the issue which features your website needs, and then what platform will be of best use.

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Does your File Organization Support your Business’ Success?

When starting your business, in a relatively short time frame, there will be hundreds of tasks coming your way. Most of them will be much more important than learning how to use a file management system. However, having some kind of system already in place that lets you move forward with grace and ease would be extremely beneficial.

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Your Website Needs an Update, Small Business Owner!

When was the last time you updated your website? I don’t mean just adding another blog post. I mean, when was the last time you did some major changes? – Such as giving your website a new skin? A long time ago? – Maybe it’s time to update your website.

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Tools that Automate your Business & How to Use Them

Applying automation routines to your business can have many benefits for your business as well as for your personal situation. Understanding the array of tools available that help you with automating your business, as well as understanding its implications is a prerequisite for making an informed decision.

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What You Need To Know To Find Hosting For Your Website

Is finding a web host for your new website much harder than you anticipated? How much do you know about website hosts? What do you know about the important features, versus the “nice-to-have” features?
This article provides you with a solid understanding on the issue of choosing a host for your website.

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3 Clever Tools To Help Get Your Business Started

Communication and getting feedback what works and what doesn’t is a major key for success. This article introduces 3 tools that will enable you to get feedback on different levels, and thus help you to continuously improve your business and your website.

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How To Get Your Business In Shape: Update Your Technology

A solid technological infrastructure is imperative to businesses that are just starting up, as well as small businesses that are already established. This is why building a solid technological infrastructure requires your full attention. – There are basically two approaches of setting up your technological infrastructure. In this article I share some good strategies and sources for this task.

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How To Leverage Your Technological Infrastructure

How can a business apply a solid strategy around its technological infrastructure? – Whether you are just starting your business or run an already established business, I am sharing with you ideas and tools to wrap a strategy around leveraging your business’ technological infrastructure.

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