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Rethinking and Optimizing your Workflow Strategy in Trello

Creating workflows can be trivial. The difficulties arise when you hit some of the limits and are forced to change your strategy … or come up with a strategy because you didn’t have one in place. In this article I am discussing 3 approaches of strategic workflow setup in Trello boards.

5 Creative Trello Board Use Cases for Business Owners

Even though Trello was designed to be a project management tool, its huge success is obviously due to its flexibility: You can do way more within a Trello board than just following through a project. In this article, I am sharing 5 Trello board use cases that help me with information overload and being organized.

What You Need To Know To Find Hosting For Your Website

Is finding a web host for your new website much harder than you anticipated? How much do you know about website hosts? What do you know about the important features, versus the “nice-to-have” features?
This article provides you with a solid understanding on the issue of choosing a host for your website.

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12 Things to Know about Workflow Creation in Trello

Workflow creation in Trello is becoming more and more popular. When using a new tool, more often than not we have to face a learning curve. The same is true when we learn a new skill. In this post I am sharing my most important learnings for creating workflows with you.

Creating An Archive Repository Board in Trello

In this article, I am showcasing my results with rebuilding a workflow in Trello for an Archive Repository Board. In this board, I am collecting archived cards from multiple Trello boards into a separate board, but with the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBot.

Automate Your Trello Boards With These Butler Power-Up Features

In this second part about the Butler Power-Up’s features, I will dive into the general command types and how you can use them for building creating workflows in your Trello boards. I will particularly focus on its features and the advantages it has to use the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBot.

Don’t Let Them Take You Down

As online entrepreneurs who offer digital products, we sometimes get confronted with people who are trying to abuse our work. This is my story – in full transparency – of dealing with a customer who was trying take down my work.

When You Should Use The Butler Power-Up

Which tool should you use to automate your most tedious tasks in Trello – the Butler Power-Up or the Butlerbot?
In this article I am giving an intro in the Butler Power-Ups advantages and disadvantages, and also talk about some of its distinctive features.

How To Build An Automated Editorial Calendar in Trello

An editorial calendar is one of the most useful tools for managing a blogger’s content. And I am showing you 3 different ways to embed workflows into your Trello boards so that you can manage your creative blogging process with less stress, in less time and a reliability that is unmatched so far!

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