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Creating An Archive Repository Board in Trello

In this article, I am showcasing my results with rebuilding a workflow in Trello for an Archive Repository Board. In this board, I am collecting archived cards from multiple Trello boards into a separate board, but with the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBot.

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Automate Your Trello Boards With These Butler Power-Up Features

In this second part about the Butler Power-Up’s features, I will dive into the general command types and how you can use them for building creating workflows in your Trello boards. I will particularly focus on its features and the advantages it has to use the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBot.

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Don’t Let Them Take You Down

As online entrepreneurs who offer digital products, we sometimes get confronted with people who are trying to abuse our work. This is my story – in full transparency – of dealing with a customer who was trying take down my work.

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When You Should Use The Butler Power-Up

Which tool should you use to automate your most tedious tasks in Trello – the Butler Power-Up or the Butlerbot?
In this article I am giving an intro in the Butler Power-Ups advantages and disadvantages, and also talk about some of its distinctive features.

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How To Build An Automated Editorial Calendar in Trello

An editorial calendar is one of the most useful tools for managing a blogger’s content. And I am showing you 3 different ways to embed workflows into your Trello boards so that you can manage your creative blogging process with less stress, in less time and a reliability that is unmatched so far!

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How to Use Dashcards in Trello Boards

Dashcards in Trello boards can be used to add visually-pleasing counters that show what’s going on in your board and lists at a glance. In this article, I am introducing how to set up a dashcard with Butler for Trello. And I am also showcasing some design alternatives and use cases.

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How to Add Cross-Board Functionality in Trello Boards

The biggest problem that many of us had with Trello, was its lack of cross-board / cross-project planning and scheduling functionality. Tracking a single project across several boards seemed like an impossible undertaking. But with managing multiple projects, Trello left us high and dry. Luckily, these times are over.

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GDPR – And Now What?

GDPR has a lot of facets that make it difficult to keep up with. But to be honest, its dire consequences are probably the part that make most of us jump. Here’s a GDPR resource made for online entrepreneurs to help navigate the currents: facts, resources, best practices.

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How to Build a Rolling Calendar within Trello

A calendar not fixed to a periodic perspective is called a Rolling Calendar. In this article, I am showing you what it takes to build a rolling calendar within Trello and set up automations and workflows that make a rolling calendar an essential productivity tool for everyone.

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