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Trello Hacks & In-Board Workflows

There are ongoing demands of additional features for Trello that are served by various 3rd party tools.

In this second part about Trello hacks and workflow ideas, I go into in-board workflows and useful tools that satisfy productivity and utility demands of many Trello users.

Trello Hacks & Cross-Board Workflows

Being able to create cross-board workflows in Trello wasn’t a matter of course for years. In fact, those of us small business owners that rely on tools that are easy-to-use and inexpensive, often have to accept the fact that there is a lack of functionality. – In this Part 1 of my new series “Trello Hacks” I am showcasing top-notch workflow ideas & interesting hacks for Trello boards.

How to Build a Rolling Calendar within Trello

A calendar not fixed to a periodic perspective is called a Rolling Calendar. In this article, I am showing you what it takes to build a rolling calendar within Trello and set up automations and workflows that make a rolling calendar an essential productivity tool for everyone.

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Rethinking and Optimizing your Workflow Strategy in Trello

Creating workflows can be trivial. The difficulties arise when you hit some of the limits and are forced to change your strategy … or come up with a strategy because you didn’t have one in place. In this article I am discussing 3 approaches of strategic workflow setup in Trello boards.

5 Creative Trello Board Use Cases for Business Owners

Even though Trello was designed to be a project management tool, its huge success is obviously due to its flexibility: You can do way more within a Trello board than just following through a project. In this article, I am sharing 5 Trello board use cases that help me with information overload and being organized.

What You Need To Know To Find Hosting For Your Website

Is finding a web host for your new website much harder than you anticipated? How much do you know about website hosts? What do you know about the important features, versus the “nice-to-have” features?
This article provides you with a solid understanding on the issue of choosing a host for your website.

Migrating your Trello Workflows to the Butler Power-Up

Did you create workflows in your Trello boards using the ButlerBot? Now is the time that these commands need to be migrated to the Butler Power-Up in order to keep these workflows alive. In this article I am sharing my learnings of migrating commands to the Butler Power-Up.

Managing Card Dependencies with the Hello Epics Power-Up

Managing and tracing dependencies between cards is a feature that many of us would appreciate to have available in Trello. It’s still no standard, but with the Hello Epics Power-Up, such card dependencies can now be added and used to visualize the relationships between cards and trace their completion status.

How To Use Tags, Merge Tags And Groups In MailChimp

Did you know that you can now fine-tune how to target your email subscribers by using tags, merge tags and groups in MailChimp? This sophisticated email marketing tools is continuously upgrading its feature set, and here is what you should know about how tags, merge tags and groups can be used in MailChimp.

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