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Hey, I’m Katrin!

I help online entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tech-side of running a business.

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About Me

I run a business called inspirITing, in which I aim to inspire and help other business owners with the tricky and delicate side of the digital part of their business.

Many people struggle to do all the IT work on their own with their critical business functions. that’s because their talents are in a different field.

Running an online business requires to harmonize many moving parts. Having the right systems and automations are essential to get that biz off the ground.


I am not a technology freak. I am conscious about the dark side of technology.

But I do believe that a healthy business uses technology in a balanced way.


I love to get creative with my computer. I love to figure out how things work. I don’t mind much the status quo or the way how everyone else is doing something.

I was not born to fit in. I have fun doing things my way.


I am a strategic thinker which enables me to sort through the clutter and find the best route.

I have the ability to give thorough and clear explanations and clarify points people often times don’t have a language for.




At inspirITing we are helping with the tech-side of running a business. is a place where online entrepreneurs can get help with their technical needs.



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