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SmallPDF is a product from a swiss-based company which offers free file conversion services around the PDF-format. It is a browser-based cloud-service, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. To perform any of these file conversion services, the document has to be uploaded. All files will be deleted from their servers after one hour of upload. The following file conversions are possible:

  • Compress PDF – reduce the size of a PDF
  • Merge PDF – add an additional page to a PDF, or merge two PDFs; drag pages of the PDF around or delete single pages
  • Split PDF
  • Unlock PDF – remove a password from a password-protected PDF; if strong encryption has been provided to the PDF, an unlock is only possible by providing the right password
  • PPT to PDF & PDF to PPT [PowerPoint]
  • JPG to PDF & PDF to JPG
  • Excel to PDF & PDF to Excel
  • Word to PDF & PDF to Word

Conversion from Word, Excel, PPT to PDF isn’t that hard. Many office software today have it integrated to convert the original file format into PDF.


The other way around, from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT or JPG is much harder. The technology is based on OCR text recognition and requires the original document to be of good quality in order to create an acceptable quality of the new file. This part of the service isn’t free, which I find understandable. It’s a sophisticated process and needs a good tool. SmallPDF has partnered with a company called Solid Documents that has a converter tool for purchase. This tool converts PDF to editable files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, HTML and text.


Need a new computer, but don’t want to buy one? Maybe you need a new machine only temporarily, or maybe your office is already too small and another machine doesn’t really fit in. Or maybe you just don’t want to manage another computer but still need some computing infrastructure? PaperSpace could be your solution!

PaperSpace is a low-cost, fast virtual computer that you can use to perform. The computer can be accessed through any web browser, which significantly reduces the infrastructure to manage.

Who is it for?

For Professionals – PaperSpace can run the most demanding applications. Its performance is suited for 3D CAD, rendering, simulations and photo & video editing.
For Teams – With PaperSpace, screen-sharing is built-in and transferring files is nearly instantaneous – there is no cloud storage syncing delay. It’s perfect for teams to collaborate over long distances.
For Students – Transform your old laptop into a new machine. PaperSpace lets you access a powerful computer for a low monthly cost.
For Developers – PaperSpace is great if you need multiple machines or multiple operating systems.

Reasons to use PaperSpace

Cost – Paperspace replaces high upfront infrastructure costs with low monthly payments.
Performance – Providing of reliable, predictable performance that can be scaled to fit individual needs.
Management – PaperSpace takes the headache out of managing lots of machines with a dead-simple control panel.
Reliability – The hardware is managed 24/7 by IT professionals, which saves its users time and money.


A cross-platform mobile solution for team communication that streamlines mobile collaboration and productivity. No need to being glued to a computer any longer.

Zula offers all the tools a team needs for ongoing interaction:

  • Instantly joining a conversation
  • Discussing ideas
  • Sharing content
  • Taking a poll
  • Connecting over a conference call

Zula app is a very interesting tool. Check out this video to understand what it can do for you.



Do you know some other high quality tools for professional office work? – Please share them with us!

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