In today’s post I am sharing 3 interesting tricks that help you to get more out of Trello, the popular project management tool which features I introduced earlier. Because getting and staying organized is relevant for all of us.

Particularly the second idea I am going to show you today, can be an enormous feature upgrade in Trello and can even make Trello an anchor app for your business – along with certain business automations. If you never heard of anchor apps before and don’t know how to benefit from it, I recommend you check out my article about how you can leverage your business’ technical infrastructure with anchor apps.

Embed a Card in your Website

To embed a particular card into your website, open the card. At the bottom you can click on to ‘Share and more…’ . Copy the Link to this card.

feature upgrade in Trello

Now, this step is important. If you want to make a card publicly accessible, (for instance on a website), you will need to make sure that the board the card belongs to, is publicly accessible. In the screenshot above you see a yellow people-icon, indicating that this board is visible only to team members. Embedding it on a website wouldn’t allow your visitors to view it. You will have to change the board’s visibility option to ‘Public’, in order to make it viewable by everyone.

feature upgrade in Trello

The nice thing is that the embedded card in your website will always reflect the current state of the card. Meaning whenever you update the card, it will automatically be refreshed on the website.

Add a Gantt Chart in Trello

By now, Trello is a well-known project management tool amongst many entrepreneurs. It is a widely appreciated tool for managing projects on a day to day basis, because it makes it easy for teams to work together and provides them with a lot of flexibility. One feature that Trello hasn’t offered yet, is an overview of a project’s status.


With the Gantt chart feature from Elegantt, it is now possible to display a project’s progress task by task.

Image Source

Originally, Elegantt was a Chrome extension, which hooks into your Trello and automatically extends the selected boards by a Gantt chart display.

Today, the Gantt Chart can be used as one of Trello’s Power-up features.

How to see all your Trello cards in one place

Has your Trello developed into a Trello Empire with dozens of boards and many assignees? And now you are wondering how to stay on top of your game? Here’s an excellent tip on how to display all cards that are assigned to you. Go to your profile and click the tab ‘Cards’.

Here you see all of the cards that are assigned to you. Furthermore, you can adjust the card display, and get it sorted by boards or by due dates. (Given that you have already set due dates.) Otherwise, cards will just be assembled in ‘cards with no due date’.


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