It’s almost every day that I come across a new tool or one I had never heard of before. I know many entrepreneurs are using either Gmail or GoogleApps in their business, because it has a lot of features that are tremendously helpful in working efficiently. Today I am going to introduce to you a range of tools that have the potential to enhance your professional life within Gmail. The tools I picked serve different purposes, but they all have in common that they make your business life easier. They are CRMs, tools for marketing and collaboration, some facilitate a very unique task, and some are even multi-faceted. – Okay, so here we go:



Boomerang is a scheduling tool for your emails. After installing this plugin, you can determine when certain emails should be sent. Scheduling emails by choosing the receiver’s time zone and choosing an optimal timeframe can assist in maintaining a healthy working climate and ease tension of email bombardments. It’s also capable of reminding you of emails you sent and have received no reply to or follow-ups you still have to take care of. I recommend you take the time and find out about some creative ways to use Boomerang.

Category: Productivity

Cost: Free & $$.

enhance your professional life within Gmail BoomerangImage Credits



Contactually is a simple CRM tool that integrates seamlessly with Gmail (as well as other tools). With Contactually, you can easily keep track of prospect/client conversations and set up a reminder system based on categories created by you. It comes with a simple interface and offers a handful of integrations (like MailChimp or Zapier) that lets an entrepreneur dream of business automations.

Category: CRM

Cost: $$.


FlashIssue is a tool that helps boost your marketing right from inside Gmail. It uses Gmail’s integrated contacts, and by creating email lists, you will be enabled to send beautiful newsletters that were created with the in-built drag and drop editor. Adding web content is made easy, as is the tracking and analysis that come with FlashIssue.

Category: Marketing

Cost: Free & $$.

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail Flashissue

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Gmail Extractor

The Gmail Extractor is one of these tools that the average person might not need, but that once in a blue moon, it can come in very handy. What does it do? It lets you extract names and email addresses from your Gmail account and saves it in a .csv-file for later use or analysis.

Category: Productivity

Cost: Free & $$


HelloSign is one of the easiest ways to electronically sign documents. Its integration with Google allows you to sign documents right from inside Gmail, and send it back immediately to its sender. It also offers integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote and allows you to setup some useful business automations that can further reduce your workload. Another great candidate to automate your business’ workflows.

Category: Productivity

Cost: Free & $$.

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail HelloSignImage Credits


Hiver, previously known as Grexit, is a tool that is meant to enhance team collaboration right from inside Gmail or GoogleApps. It seems to work great as a project management tool, customer support tool or lead management software. This tool allows you to share contacts for sales and support, as well as email templates. The feature of shared notes in a conversation could certainly prove to be useful for teams.

Category: Collaboration, Project Management, CRM, Customer Support

Cost: Free & $$.

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail Grexit

Image Credits


InboxPause is a tool that is meant to facilitate productivity. After installing it and activating the PAUSE button, incoming emails will be held back until you UNPAUSE the button again. It is certainly a nice feature to help stop distractions from incoming mails when working in your inbox. Otherwise, feel free to just log out 🙂

Category: Productivity

Cost: Free

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail InboxPause

Image Credits


Rapportive is a tool that reveals information about the email’s sender, and thus, saves you time researching it yourself. The tool connects with your social media profiles, and when you receive an email from someone who is already part of your network, you will be shown the publicly available information in a dashboard next to the email message.

Category: Social Media, Networking

Cost: Free

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail Rapportive

Image Credits


Streak is another CRM that sits right in your Gmail or GoogleApp-Inbox. It has become quite popular in the last year or so, mainly because of its excellent features. It is not only a CRM, it also offers several features that allow for productivity enhancements. Streak is a browser plugin that currently supports only Chrome and Safari.

Category: CRM, Productivity

Cost: Free & $$.

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail StreakImage Credits


Yanado is a Kanban-style tool that offers task management right inside Gmail. It facilitates sharing tasks and managing projects right from inside Gmail. It is being run by a browser extension and is currently only available for Chrome users, but Firefox is also being worked on and should be there soon. It might be a good alternative for all those who don’t want to use another external application for their day-to-day tasks.

Category: Productivity, Project Management

Cost: $$.

Enhance Your Professional Life Within Gmail YanadoImage Credits

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