I help online entrepreneurs and bloggers to up-level the way they use Trello and get themselves organized

… by creating meaningful, impressive, time-saving workflows inside their Trello boards


Having workflows in place, means you can spend more time on important tasks and be more productive. My workflow solutions help you to unleash the power of automation.


Bringing the power of workplace automation into Trello, allows to automate business processes. The online courses I offer help you to learn the different facets of workflow creation.


The building of meaningful business processes sometimes requires an out-of-the-box approach. The services I offer assist you in setting up customized workflow solutions.

Workflow Designs for Trello Boards

Creative Workflow Services

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Online Courses

In my online courses you will learn to make the best out of your Trello boards.

Creating workflows that fit your business’ needs aren’t written down anywhere. You have to figure out yourself, what works for you and what doesn’t. In my online courses, you learn how to set up beautiful workflows in your Trello boards, so that they support the way you work.

Don’t settle with anything less than meaningful business processes! With the skills you gain in my online courses, you will empower yourself and embrace new levels of productivity. Get started now!

Workflow Kits

Workflow Kits are sets of pre-created and tested commands that can be quickly implemented into a Trello board.

Many of these command sets make use of cross-board interactions, allowing you to sync cards across boards and help you to set up your own version of a dashboard in Trello.
Not only will they save lots of your time. When you implement the workflows I carefully designed, you will also up-level your productivity and self-organization.


eBooks are an excellent way to learn something new, quickly. Not only are they portable and searchable, they also take up only minimal space on your devices.

The eBooks I am offering provide valuable content for online entrepreneurs with technical and digital needs. They often provide guidance and knowledge that’s off-the-shelves.

Work With Me

I set up workflows and automations in your Trello boards.

Whether you need customization support while implementing the Workflow Kits I offer for Trello, or want to have built productivity workflows in Trello, in this service I take a look at your workflow setup, determine critical flaws and advise how to set up your workflows.

Workflow Kits Are A System Of Proven Workflows That Spice Up Trello Boards.

Rolling Calendar

Instead of using a static calendar that is fixed to a periodic perspective, a Rolling Calendar allows to work with predefined time frames that ‘roll in’ continuously.

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Project Master

A dashboard system that allows you to set up an unlimited number of project boards all reporting into one central Master board in Trello, syncing information back and forth.

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The basic feature of this Workflow Kit for Master-Project Board Systems is that cards from an individual board are – on demand – mirrored into the Master board. These cards are then linked and are synced back and forth. No longer do you need to open board after board to work on different open tasks (cards). You can use the convenience of the Master board, and still all tasks are taken care of in their board of origin.

Master To-Do

Combine the simplicity of the Classic Board system with the convenience of a Master-Client board system, where all tasks can easily be spotted and nothing slips through the cracks.

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The basic feature of this Workflow Kit for Master boards is that all cards from any single To-Do board are fully mirrored into one Master To-Do board. Every change made in the Master board will be synced back into each individual board. This allows for maximum control of all tasks contained in one of the individual To-Do boards.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are a must-have for professional bloggers nowadays. Pen and paper is nice, but it gets complicated to upkeep your productivity, when you are working on multiple posts simultaneously.

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Implementing workflows and shortcuts into your blogging process will me a massive time-saver and maintains your sanity.

With this Workflow Kit for an Advanced Editorial Calendar you get an awesome helper in your blog post creation process. Through the well-tested commands included, you can set up a semi-automated calendar board in Trello that can become your best companion, ever.

The Art of Creating Workflows in Trello


Creating workflows that fit your business’ needs aren’t written down anywhere. You have to figure out yourself, what works for you and what doesn’t.

With the skill of identifying automation processes and creating sophisticated workflows from it, you will be empowered to create automations and workflows in any of your Trello boards that are meaningful and support your work.


Workflow Kits

Workflow Kits are a package of pre-created and tested commands that sum up as workflows.

Achieve some serious productivity wins and self-organization for your boards!

Can be quickly and easily implemented.

1 Master / Multiple Project Boards / 1 Archive Board

The Workflow Kit for a Master Project Board System allows you to connect multiple boards together.

With this cross-board functionality, now  individual board setups can be utilized that build a web of tangentially connected boards within Trello.

Rolling Calendar

The Rolling Calendar works as a moving calendar. Instead of using a static calendar that is fixed to some periodic perspective, a Rolling Calendar allows to work with predefined time frames that ‘roll in’ continuously.

1 Master / Multiple ToDo Boards

Combine the simplicity of the Classic Board system with the convenience of a Master-Client board system, where all tasks are fully mirrored into one Master To-Do board.

This setup is based on the classic 3-list Trello board setup: To Do, Doing, Done … but it is expandable.

“My boards are now invaluable!  I’ve actually combined your Master To Do Workflow Kit and the Rolling Calendar Workflow Kit to run my week of things to do. Without your workflows, I would have spent many hours combing through the Trello Butler board trying to design a custom workflow that would work for me.  The time I’ve saved with your workflows is easily worth twice what I paid for them. Thank you so much!!!” – Corey S.



inspirITing is an agency that helps online entrepreneurs with the technical and digital needs in their business. I provide guidance and knowledge how best to make use of the many tools available.

My passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs use technology in a balanced way.

Because it’s not technology that makes our business & lives better. It’s the way how we use it, that turns it into awesomeness.

I use a mixture of well-established tools and techniques, and lesser known applications and approaches to achieve new and creative results.

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