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Why Resisting Technology Will Do No Good For Your Business

If you are dizzy and overwhelmed with all the technological demands that come with starting a business, you got to find a way to move out of that dark corner. You need to find a way to embrace technology for your purposes. – Everything is figureoutable!


Using States Of Overwhelm To Boost Your Ingenuity

That state of mental overwhelm – the phase when you are unable to distinguish between left and right, cannot remember the day of the week even if you tried really hard, everything gets just too much, you feel inundated , and you just want to spend the rest of your day in front of the TV … there are times you have to say “no”.

Why Isn’t There One Tool For Everything?

Frequently I hear people nagging about the confusion that the availability of hundreds and thousands of tools brings. And then this question is being brought up, “why isn’t there one tool for everything?”

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