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Automation Setup

I help business owners streamlining their business processes.

Instead of keeping up with the hottest and latest tech trends, I focus on a mix of proven integration systems, creative design variations and integrations across platforms. I can concoct a unique blend of technology, website design and engineering systems to enable you to meet your goals.


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From the outside, your business looks glamorous, but behind the scenes it’s frequently chaotic.

You do so much of the administration, marketing, sales, client support and networking that you sometimes think you need a clone!

As much as you dislike it, sometimes important things fall through the cracks, and your business has outgrown the very same systems that used to work so well for you.

Your Benefits

How can your business benefit from implementing automation?


Gaining an in-depth perception of how tools can facilitate the smooth growth of your business, and what tools are tailored to best suit your business.


The exponential rise of computer technology makes it possible for entrepreneurs today to apply automated processes to their business workflows to stay competitive in the market.


Using cloud-based tools and integration platforms will leverage your business’ infrastructure and make it more sustainable.

Jason Blatansky

“Katrin went above and beyond in assisting me to automate business processes, especially a custom email autoresponder solution. She broke down my options and let me know the real possibilities in an honest approach.”

What I offer

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Automation Consultation

Helping you to understand your options when it comes to identifying which business processes can be streamlined.

Automation Setup

I help you to set up automated business processes.

I will listen to where you are at in your business and what you would like to automate.

Depending on what tools and systems you are already using, we will develop a plan to structure your systems and subsystems and automate workflows.

The automation of business processes requires a solid understanding of the technology involved.

I am happy to help you in selecting the best available options for business automation. I am also here to implement automated processes for your business.

Want to Automate Your Business?

My services are equal parts implementation of your requests and the research and recommendations of ideas to ensure that you’ve chosen the best option.

If you want to have a business partnership where your unique needs are heard and met, then I’d love to talk more. Please leave as much information as possible.

9 + 5 =

“I can most highly recommend you for anyone who feels over their head with anything involving websites, apps, and organizational structures and processes that could potentially be improved with technical solutions.”

Pam Kowalski


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